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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | SELF

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | SELF
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"Milwaukee Rapper Lah-Kid Dreams of Lamborghinis"

There’s no mistaking Lah-Kid’s voice. The Milwaukee rapper rhymes in a phlegmy, amphibious croak that breaks and changes pitches at random.

“Growing up I could tell my voice was always going to sound different,” Lah-Kid recalls. “I sounded like I was in puberty all the time, even when I was 16 or 17.”

And as he feared, his voice never steadied with age.

“I thought it was going to keep me from rapping,” Lah-Kid says. “I used to go over to my cousin’s house, and he had all the studio equipment in the world. I’d ask if they would ever let me get on a track, but they wouldn’t take me seriously, because I was a little guy and I sounded so crazy. They’d say, ‘he’s alright, but he sounds like Lil Wayne.’ People were always comparing me to Wayne, so I tried to cool out my voice, tried to tone it down, but you could still hear it.”

It was the Milwaukee producer Reason, one of the local rap scene’s more distinguished beat-makers, who helped him embrace his voice's eccentricities.

“He saw that I have all these different tones, so we played with that,” Lah-Kid says. “He taught me how to play with it, how to know when to go high or low, and he helped me really bring out the raspier side of my voice.”

Reason executive produced Lah-Kid’s debut album, Lamborghini Dreams, composing 10 of its 17 tracks.

“It about trying to make it out of the ghetto, having big dreams and wanting the fast life,” Lah-Kid says of the album. “It’s basically street music, but we’ve got our own sound. A lot of people are making uptempo club or snap music, but I don’t think anybody’s making beats like Reason. He’s going a whole other direction with it.”

Lamborghini Dreams is available through Posted below are a trailer for the album (which comes with a DVD) and a video for the album's most club-targeted song, "Can She Do It." - Evan Rytlewski

"LahKid feat Ashley Amore - Bright Lights Video x Eighty8 Clothing"

Milwaukee definitely has talent. Milwaukee artist Lah Kid recently released his newest video "Bright Lights" feat Ashley Amore. I love the song, and the video concept. Milwaukee music is definitely on the rise. Check out his website for more music, videos, and news. And be sure to follow him on twitter by clicking here.

**In case you're wondering the blue tshirt he is wearing is a product of a Milwaukee owned and based tshirt company Eighty8 Clothing. To view and order a complete line of their tshirts click here for their online store, and follow them on twitter as well by clicking here.** -

"Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Lah-Kid"

Click the link to hear the feedback Lah recieved from his music submission + interview with Angela Yee. - Angela Yee

"Milwaukee UP: Lah-Kid shows polish on "Big Lights, Big Dreams" video"

I'll admit it, this is a music video that I completely missed. I just found out about it on Tuesday thanks to a tweet I pulled from the atmosphere.

Lah-Kid has been supporting his album "Lamborghini Dreams" for a little while now and apparently this is his third single from the project.

The song "Big Lights, Big Dreams" features Ashley Amore and is produced by the very dope Reason. I'll admit, when I first heard Lah-Kid, I didn't initially dig his voice, but after some time I'm starting to come around.

The music video, directed and put together by Kush Entertainment, is pretty vivid with its color usage and integrates some video of Lah-Kid while he was in NYC at Shade 45 for an interview. Honestly, the look of it is pretty fresh and its quality is similar to other videos made by more known industry artists. - JC Poppe


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“One of the humblest cat’s you will ever meet” are a few words said by manager Rico White, that seem to describe Milwaukee rapper Tristian “Lah-Kid” Brown, perfectly You would think that a popular well known cat such as Lah-Kid would be ready to give fans a quick glance followed by a cold shoulder. Makes sense right? Enough rappers do it, don’t they? Love their fans for the first few weeks and suddenly can’t be bothered to shake hands or snap pics as soon as their first single hits the top 10 charts. Most fans expect that from Lah but in reality he is not only sweet and charming but was also willing to help other artists improve their work and get further ahead in the business. Ready to give the next person the right advice and guidance, they’ve been looking for.

Everything about this artists (off the tracks) is humble, the word “I” doesn’t seem to exist in his vocabulary, when complimented on his work he is always sure to give credit and respect to the artists he works with as well as his producer’s and the fans. That’s not enough? Even his name was chosen as a sign of appreciation and respect to his big brother for pushing him through.

Life hasn’t been really easy for Lah, life on the streets isn’t really easy for anybody. Everyone has something that they turn to, for some it’s a ‘puff puff pass’ sort of world, others drink in the gutters but for the Lah it was lines. He went from selling to spitting them. Rap was something he could do for fun and for free during his teenage years. After high school he started to take his skills and love for the beats to a professional level.

It wasn’t long before he admittedly started to fall in love with rap and was ready to let hip hop save his life.

Having worked with his main producer Reason from the 4AR Music Group, for majority of his songs. Lah was also asked to feature on multiple tracks for Reason’s personal project “The Pandemic”. Lah saw the Compilation as a great opportunity to work with and learn from his fellow artists and a great experience in furthering his career.