Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
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While Baton Rouge may be known in popular music for its gangsta and dance-orientated sound, something new has emerged through LAH LIVE. A full on live hip-hop/R&B hybrid, LAH LIVE has built a buzz by giving dazzling performances and even opening for a few prominent acts like R&B crooner Jaheim.


Outside of a music community in which all change is the same and differences among artists are minuscule, lies an emcee that dares to be neither identical nor seasonal but influential. Colossus a.k.a. LAH possesses all the characteristics of a rapper from his tattooed and muscular physique to his "I know I'm hot" swagger and stylish wardrobe; however, with just a listen to his music his uniqueness becomes apparent. The 26-year old native finds himself at the forefront of a new movement, dishing out a new ideology that goes against thriving misconceptions glorified by his peers. Honing his skills as an artist by constantly pushing the envelope creatively while others around him stick to traditional formats and subject matter. Currently, LAH is blazing new trails as lead vocals of the hottest up and coming Live Orginal Hip-Hop band "LAH LIVE." Together with Austin (Yahz) on keys and vocals, Evin (Ev) on the keys, and Erik (eFlat/Droid) on full drum set they have exploded onto the scene with their unique Hip-Hop/R&B/Soul Live Experience and are determined to make their mark on the music world. LAH LIVE has conquered venues such as the Belle of Baton Rouge Casino & Hotel, Baton Rouge River Center, M Bar, the Lyceum Ballroom, and End Zone Daiquiri & Bar to name a few. The new and innovative band is ready, willing and able to entertain and capture the hearts of every new audience.


Colorful (2008) (Album)
A Mixed Tape (2010) (EP)
"Lah Lah Land" (Single)
"So Southern" (Single)
"Heatwave" (Single)

Set List

Mic Check
The Spot
So Southern
Neighbor Know My Name (Cover)
Hip Hop Rock
Snazzy Cat
Take Me Away (Cover)
Lah Lah Land
Take It Easy
Freakin You (cover)
Be Happy
Another Side
In My City
Ordinary People (cover)