La Hora de la Hora

La Hora de la Hora


La Hora de la Hora has come up with a unique sound, unlike many rock bands, which merges gypsy elements and latin sounds creating a bridge between diferents cultures.


La Hora de la Hora is a powerful band originated in Mexico City, back in 2009. The septet is a world music party dedicated to dancing and singing to all kinds of audiences. In an age of fusion, La Hora de la Hora mixes salsa, polka, gypsy, rocksteady, raggamuffin, ska and merengue, among other Latin rhythms that come from the musical background of all 7 members. Alejandro Sales (drums), Británico González (voice and bass), David Rodríguez Gil (voice and guitar), Manuel Soto (violin), Octavio Macchetto (voice and accordion), Oscar Caram (congas) and Samuel Araiza (toys and minor percussion) work together on stage to release their energy and make everyone dance.
The first material was a self-titled EP mixed and recorded by PP Mashuk, who has worked with Eugenia León and Fratta. Since then, La Hora de la Hora has made their way into the new scene of independent music in Mexico City. Ollin Jazz Tlalpan Festival, Megaofrenda UNAM, Ollin Kan International Festival, Tamoanchan Festival and Vive Latino 2011, are some of the international festivals where the spirited septet has played. La Hora de la Hora has shared the stage with talented artists such as Bomba Estéreo, Tijuana No!, Los Caligaris, Polka Madre, Líber Terán, Los de Abajo, Nortec Collective presents: Bostich + Fussible, El Hijo de la Cumbia and Ori Kaplan from Balkan Beat Box, among many others.
Their first LP “¿A poco sí?” was released on September 2011 and is currently distributed by Intolerancia Records. Leo Añorve, Los Estrambóticos’ bassist, captured the essence of the band on stage and produced this album, which was mixed by Gerry Pérez Rocha (Rabanes, Play&Movil Project, Los Estrambóticos and Los Liquits) and mastered in Argentina by Andrés Mayo (Caifanes, Charly García, Babasónicos, Bersuit Vergarabat, among others).
The result is a sound reminiscent of the universality of Mano Negra, the power and energy of The No-Smoking Orchestra and the Latin American presence owned by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.


EP - La Hora de la Hora - 2009
LP - ¿A poco si? - 2011