A shot of original female-fronted heavy, tight and groovy alternative metal straight to the gut.
We call it the "New Wave of Alternative Metal".


Hailing from Israel, Laid8 is the leading female-fronted band in the small but generous metal scene. They are a mix of groove-oriented alternative metal, always melodic and never too heavy to handle.

Laid8's debut album was a short, 4-songs EP, released in 2009. It received critical success both in Israel and from reviewers abroad. The band went out to showcase their music all around the country, gathering followers everywhere.

In 2011 Laid8 release their first LP "These Faded Lines" which found the band with a big fan base, waiting to hear the songs they first heard on stage. The release show was held in front of 350 screaming and sweaty fans (it was summer!) in the Sublime club in Tel-Aviv.

Never resting, the band played tens of shows throughout the country to different crowds: University students, metal-heads, flower-kids and everyone else that came across. They are now trying to find new listeners around the globe.


2011 - These Faded Lines (LP + EP remastered)
2009 - Laid8 EP

Set List

Not in this particular order, a set is 25 to 70 minutes, depends on the length of the show.

It includes original songs from both albums and a few crazy covers for Pantera, The Prodigy and Duran Duran.