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La Inedita

Lima, Peru | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Lima, Peru | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
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"La Inedita gives chicha an Extreme Makeover"

In the late 60´s young Peruvians from the Amazon jungle reinvented cumbia by stripping away the characteristic accordion and most of the Afro percussions while adapting it to classic rock n roll instrumentation. Equally inspired by ayahuasca-tripping and North American surf rock of the times, they turned cumbia psychedelia and re-branded it chicha. By the late 70´s, however, most of chicha´s experimental edge was sadly gone, in favor of pop-formatted songs, which led to the generic Peruvian commercial cumbia that reigned supreme since the 80´s.

During its prime, chicha was a local phenomenon and never managed to transcend the frontiers of the Inca´s realm. Foreign validation did not arrive until the second half of the new millennium when chicha experienced an unexpected revival that started in the northern hemisphere. This consequentially ignited the interest of young, cosmopolitan, big city Peruvians - a demographic that had looked down on the genre during previous decades.

La Inedita (along with other contemporaries like Bareto) are partly to blame for the current chicha resurgence that´s taking place in the Peruvian capital. Unlike the US-based chicha revivalists Chicha LIbre, who aim for recreating the genre in a more authentic, undiluted from keeping it retro, La Inedita gives chicha a contemporary makeover by adding ragga-toasting vocals on top of the expected surf guitars. As a result of this fusion, they end up landing closer to rock mestizo (think Sargent Garcia, El Gran Silencio) than other modern experiments.

Taking chicha away from the Amazon jungle and into the big city, the Lima-based sextet places more emphasis on the dance potential of the music than its psychedelic qualities. Though, that does not mean they´re aiming for the nightclub or the artsy crowd like post-modern nu-cumbia producers. Theirs is an underground, street party where Peruvian cumbia culture-s kitsch meets with rockers´cred in apparent disregard for hipster´s irony. Juaneco would be proud— Juan Data - MTV-Iggy

"The New York Times Scenes From SXSW"

La Inedita performing at the Russian House on Thursday
Ben Sklar for The New York Times - The New York Times

"KUTX Song of the day: La Inedita - “Fayah” (Live in studio 1A)"

Originally from Lima, Peru, La Inedita has made a name for itself internationally with chichamuffin, a musical style that incorporates elements of chicha (the Peruvian variant of cumbia) and raggamuffin while also drawing influence from reggae, hip-hop, electronic, and rock. The quartet, fronted by vocalist Adrian Rocha, manages to cover intricate arrangements with minimal instrumentation, most apparent on their latest album, Chichamuffin.

Now, when you name your album after a genre–especially a genre you’ve invented–every song serves as a flagship for your sound, and “Fayah” is no exception. Whether stuck in traffic or riding off into the sunset, the reggae piano stabs, hard rock guitar tones, chicha-style percussion, and raggamuffin rapid fire lyrical delivery of “Fayah” will keep you wanting more chichamuffin ’til it’s time for bed.

“Fayah,” caught live in Studio 1A, also appears on Chichamuffin, available for free download via La Inedita’s official website.

—Jack Anderson - KUTX Radio - USA


Chichamuffin (the first LP)

We offer you a blending of sounds and tasty flavors, with all the Latin spices you could ever get. And of course with the great pleasure to invite you to listen to our own interpretation of the tropical Andean, Jamaican, northern and central Latin American music. The so called: Chichamuffin, is the result of the people from a mixed blood community, who doesn’t say no but in the other hand add more and more. Here is to you! – La Inedita doesn’t discriminate- Listen and download:



Formed in 2010 in Lima, Peru. LA INEDITA is positioned on top of the Peruvian independent scene. Exploiting the many musical influences of its 4 members, LA INEDITA has created his own style: CHICHAMUFFIN, fusion of Chicha (traditional Peruvian cumbia) of Raggamuffin and Dancehall with subtle touches of Hip-Hop and other nuances.

The power of CHICHAMUFFIN broke boundaries from the start being recommended in the press of USA, Europe, Mexico and South America. In 2015 LA INEDITA was part of the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX where it was selected by the organizers of the event among the 32 must-see shows within the framework of 2000 bands worldwide. LA INEDITA ending Festival toured the east coast of USA, taking their music to Washington DC, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey, Port Chester and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. In August the band toured Europe, participated in the Afrika-Karibik Festival in Germany and Milano Latin Festival in Italy, also did a show in Zurich, Switzerland .

This year the band entered the studio to record what will be their second album “Feel Da Fayah” due out in late 2016.

The band also made their second tour to USA called “Tropical Constellation” in the months of June and July by more than 20 cities from coast to coast. Dare to live the new musical experience of popular urban culture of Peru.

International Tours:

USA – March 2015

MAR 19 - Austin, TX  - SXSW Festival Russian House

MAR 21 - Austin, TX - SXSW Festival - Flamingo Cantina

MAR 24 - Atlanta, GA / Smiths Old Bar

MAR 26 - Washington, D.C. - Bier Baron

MAR 29 - Brooklyn, NY - Blackbear Bar

MAR 30 - Jersey City, NJ - WFMU Radio

MAR 31 - Queens, NY - Terraza 7

APR 01 - Manhattan, NY / Mehanata

APR 02 - New York, NY / Bowery Electric

APR 03 - Brooklyn, NY / The Swamp

APR 04 - Brooklyn, NY - Blackbear Bar

APR 05 - Port Chester, NY / Garcia’s

APR 12 - Cape Coral, FL / Rackem Billiards

APR 13 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL / Poorhouse Bar


Europe – August 2015

AUG 14 – Zurich, Switzerland – Gorilla Haus

AUG 15 – Aschaffenburg, Germany – Afrika Karibik Festival

AUG 16 – Milan, Italy – Milano Latin Festival


USA – June-July 2016

JUN 3 – Boston, MA – Wonder Bar

JUN 4 – Brooklyn, NY - Aviv

JUN 7 - Port Chester, NY – Garcia’s

JUN 8 – Philadelphia, PA - Voltage Lounge

JUN 9 – Washington D.C. - Tropicalia

JUN 10 – Knoxville, TN – Preservation Pub

JUN 11 – New Orleans, LA - N.O. Art Center

JUN 12 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues

JUN 16 - Austin, TX - KUTX Live Performance

JUN 16 – Austin, TX – Flamingo Cantina

JUN 17 – San Antonio, TX – The Mad Marlin

JUN 18 – Dallas, TX - Salsera

JUN 21 - Albuquerque, NM- Pueblo Harvest

JUN 23 – Taos, NM – Taos Mesa Brewing

JUN 24 – Tucson, AZ – Hotel Congress

JUN 25 – Phoenix, AZ - The Lost Leaf

JUN 30 – San Diego, CA - Kensington Club

JULY 1 – Los Angeles, CA – Los Globos

JULY 2 - San Jose, CA - Back Bar SoFa

JULY 3 – San Francisco, CA - Brick & Mortar

JULY 7 – Seattle, WA – Nectar Lounge

JULY 8 – Portland, OR – High Water Mark Lounge

JULY 9 – Seattle, WA – The Central Saloon

JULY 12 – Manhattan, NY - Stage 48

JULY 16 – Port Chester, NY - Bambu

JULY 16 – Queens, NY - D’antigua


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