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"In Conversation with: LA INFINITE"


We bumped into UK songstresses La Inifinite, they gave us a candid interview with all the gossip from the La Infinate camp. They are set to take the UK by storm, let's see what they had to say.

1.Girls introduce yourselves

Gift: My name is Gift and I’m the baby of the group.
Shae: I’m Shae, I’m the older one. The quiet one, well…sometimes I am…depends on when you catch me. lol

2.How old are you both?

Gift: We’re both 22.
Shae: my birthday very soon and Gift’s birthday is a month after mine.

How long have you been together?

Shae: We’ve known each other for about 11 years; we went to secondary school together. During school we always sang at the school talent shows, performances and recitals, we had spoken about singing together numerous of times but it wasn’t until Gift asked me if I wanted to form a group in 2002. From then was when we began to work towards the project.

4. You are currently unsigned at the moment right? Tell us have you had any interest from record labels and if so what are your hopes for the future? Where do you hope to take your music?

Shae: We have had interest from labels but to be honest, some only go as far as a phone call or email because frankly, it takes more than good will and good intentions to put out a group…It is business! So like any good business person or people, we keep our wits about us. We have to be sure that any offers are carefully looked at and so far we haven’t found the one for us.
We are not exclusive to major labels nor are we exclusive to independent labels; we want a label that is looking to make a success out of themselves and us as an act. We don’t want to be a one hit wonder; we want to make it big. God-willing sell enough to show that we can make it in America, Germany. We want to be successful with longevity.

5. You did very well in the Hugo Urban rules contest, but you didn’t win how did this make you feel?

Gift: We try to perform like its our last time every time we’re on stage. So we can say we gave it our all. I guess it must have came down to technicalities because all the acts chosen in the top three were class acts: Si Phili has some serious hiphop grooves and This Boy That Girl are cool London duet.
It sucked not winning because we put so much work in BUT we were able to gain contacts and exposure from the show which will be aired in January sooooo….i guess it’s alright! Lol.

6. Your Debut single was slow down, have you had good feedback from the song so far?

Gift: Slow Down is at present a promotional track along with Do Your Thing. Both tracks have received positive feedback from a lot of radio djs. Slow Down was one of the Hot Tracks of the week on and Do Your Thing was given a ‘KillaKut’ gratification by Wayne C McDonald on Galaxy FM. We feel confident, as diverse as the tracks are that they’ll appeal to a vast audience.

7. Who have you worked with so far? And who would you like to work with in terms of production and song writing?

Gift: Well so far we’ve been self supported but was fortunate to work with Silvastone. It would be a dream to work with Will.I.Am. He’s is so talented and eclectic in his music production. He’s definitely is one of our inspirations for our musical style. Hopefully we’ll become fortunate to work with more talented producers and writers.

8. How would you describe your style of music?

Shae: Sophisticated-street music! The ‘street’ reflecting the untenable eclectic sounds of our music and style. The ‘sophistication’ is how Shae and I write and structure each and every song. Three words: Energetic and heart-felt and real.

9. Do you have any musical influences?

Shae: I love music from Vivaldi to Beyonce. But I guess my main influences are the ones I grew up with; Freddie McGregor, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, Micheal Jackson, SWV, En Vogue, Janet Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, to name a few. Gift: Lately, I’m definitely loving Amy Winehouse,, Ciara, Robin Thicke, Usher. Let’s say anything that can get me moving on a Saturday night!

10. Have you been compared to any other duos?

Shae: Not really, truth is, there are not many duets quite like us, all female and can actually dance and sing. Dunno…we’re definitely not Millivanilli.
We tried being a trio a few times but its always ended up coming back to Gift and I. As a duet we are strong together, we know the others strengths and weaknesses. There are any holes to pick between us because what makes our duet work is that we are different. Being different in a trio is always a good thing. Too different and your stealing the limelight, all the same and you’re bland. As a duet we have been able to focus on the group and our presentation has fallen in line.

11. Do you feel that the UK is struggling to keep up with the standards of the US when it comes to music?

Shae: yes and no. Its not that British music is below - Intrigue Magazine


Our first buzz record that we have out is called Do Your Thing and we have a first single that will come out in the middle of spring.



What do you think is needed in today’s girl band? Stage presence? Hot vocals? Group harmony? Good music? Personality? Missing qualities like this has undoubtedly been brought forth by a female duo who has been inspired by the likes of Sister Sledge, The Ridgeway Sisters, SWV, Jade, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinnatra and Janet Jackson. Gift and Shae are talented singers, writers and performers that have united to become Infinite.The Story So Far…Gift and Shae met in 1997 at Norwood School, based in South London. Since the day they met, they both professed their mutual love for singing and dreams of becoming world known stars. As years went by, Gift and Shae had separately conjured their fair share of experience that allowed them to exercise their talents. It wasn’t until 2002 that Gift asked Shae if she wanted to join her in creating a group, in which she simply replied “ok!” Some have even said that it was destined for them to join forces for something as remarkable as this. For three years with countless in-house vocal rehearsals and writing sessions, they went through a stage of exploration of sound, image, knock-backs, trials, and tribulations whilst learning about each other! They have both been privileged to perform in 2004 ‘Black on Black’, ‘People’s day’, ‘Assorted Flavas’, ‘Vocal Zones’ and 2005 CMS’ A.T.A.C campaign. Throughout this period both had developed a strong sisterly bond that is encouraging yet supportive regardless of each other flaws. They then knew that in order for this project to take off, they would need strong determination, motivation and consistency in their work ethic. Besides their bond, it is their endless persistence and passion is what has kept them going this far…As individuals, they each serve up consignment of originality and style. Their distinctive personalities are diverse yet complimentary. With their ‘street but sweet’ sass appeal, you are sure to find this duet refreshing to today’s saturated industry…“A lot of material that comes from today’s artists can be said to be superficial. Fans want to be able to know who these artists are and what they’re about through their music. But because everybody’s talking the same thing, it can discourage and even disappoint them if they haven’t developed that connection,” says Gift “so what we want to be able to do is fill in those gaps and build that positive connection with the fans; with Infinite that can happen.” As a duet, they are guaranteed to have you enticed on a rollercoaster of thought provoking lyrics, receptive body language and breath taking vocals; the key ingredients needed for Infinite’s ‘attention steeling’ performance… to see is to believe! Here’s the fun part…By joining onto Infinite’s mailing list, you immediately have been made member of our fan club. You will be informed of every public appearance that Infinite does with additional info, you get to send us emails with reply and read our monthly diaries that will carry you along for a hopeful and anticipated future! (To read the diary, simply email us ‘send diary please’ and it will be sent to you. Please know that the diaries will be sent as an attachment of the email in which you will need Microsoft Word programme and will be one month behind the current month).