Laini and the Wildfire
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Laini and the Wildfire

New Haven, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

New Haven, Connecticut, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Pop




"Laini and the Wildfire Debut 'Wandering' at The Ballroom"

“The band plays anthemic, piano-centered rock songs: ballads and bangers with strong melodies, limber grooves and mercurial chord changes. The Fiona Apple outsider-vibe is strong, and the absence of guitar is refreshing. You sense they stumbled onto a group persona and a formula that works for them and for their audience” - The Hartford Courant

"Laini and the Wildfire - 'Wandering'"

“Truly one of the best [albums] of 2017. Run, don’t walk, and get this one!” - Indie Voice Blog

"Laini and the Wildfire - 'Wandering'"

“'Wandering’ is a stand-out album...Each song has potential to stand alone as a top-notch single, leaving listeners with plenty of memorable tunes that will be stuck in their head” - Indie Spoonful

"Becoming a full-time musician: How One Artist took the leap"

Going pro. Quitting the day job. Taking the plunge. Living the dream.
A year ago, Laini Marenick (of the band Laini and the Wildfire) quit her day job and became a professional musician. Like the first year of any new business endeavor, there were many ups and downs. - CD Baby

"Laini and the Wildfire - 'Wandering'"

“…the bouncy stand out “Copilot”, buoyant “All the Love in the World”, and boppy “Thunder” are like long lost Motown singles by Martha Reeves or Mary Wells…enhanced by palatial, modern rock-era production and Marenick’s Aretha Franklin-forceful, rafters-ascending roar…” - The Big Takeover

"Break the Business Podcast Episode 141"

Ryan sits down with musician and former therapist Laini Marenick of Laini and the Wildfire. Laini talks about her band's album "Wandering" and about transitioning from her old job to becoming a full-time musician. She also discusses her recent article that she wrote for CD Baby and Women Crush entitled "Five Emotionally Draining Musician Problems and How to Cope." - Ryan Kairalla

"Artist Spotlight: Piano Pop Rock Anthems from Laini and the Wildfire"

“With swells of elegant rhythms and powerhouse performances, they’re a band to fall for” - The Music Mermaid

"She's on Fire"

Musician Laini Marenick leaves her job as a therapist to record her first LP, Wandering, with Laini and the Wildfire - Take Magazine

"Laini and the Wildfire - 'Wandering'"

“From the first moments of [“Wandering”] you feel [Laini’s] voice in your soul” - Indie Music Home

"Laini and the Wildfire - 'Wandering'"

“Laini’s strong and strident voice bears comparisons to the likes of Adele and Florence Welch, and has more than a touch of 60s soul to it” - Essentially Pop

"Soulful Debut EP by Laini and the Wildfire"

I was fortunate to receive pre-release access to Laini and the Wildfire’s self-titled debut EP, due for release on May 7. That was a very cool surprise, particularly when I realized how talented this band is. I became an immediate fan.

Laini has a powerful voice, going to soaring heights and down to raspy lows. Her tone and the music surrounding her is melodic and soulful. The result is bluesy, funky, soul-infused pop. These songs could easily all be radio hits, yet they stand apart from the gelatinous goop of most mainstream music. From the opening, piano-driven, funky Higher to the closing heartbreak of Reckless, Laini and the Wildfire make a strong impression. - Soundwaves Review

"Laini and the Wildfire: Soul Filled Blues with a Contemporary Edge"

The quartet, fronted by vocalist Laini, and also featuring Joe, Mark, and Rob, are a bluesy piano led band with a sixties feel. Laini’s voice is deep and soulful, lush and honeyed, gorgeous and compelling.

Their five song self-titled EP gives a contemporary twist to the 60s soul that is so clearly its inspiration. The band only formed last year, when Laini’s husband Mark Marenick (also their bass player and producer) encouraged her to record her songs. Lainini had a successful career as a therapist, but nonetheless maintained a strong connection to music, writing from a young age, and teaching piano for more than ten years. Laini and Mark recruited long time friend (and guitar player), Joe Rocco, and another friend, Rob Siraco, whose edgy rock drumming rounds out the band. It was a collaboration that was always meant to happen: with all four having been friends for more than 10 years, and experience playing in previous bands, they slotted in together well.

The band is beginning to line up shows for Spring 2016 and beyond, and has plenty of new material, ready to record and release in late 2016.

For more information about Laini And The Wildfire and their music, check out Twitter, Facebook, and their website. - Essentially Pop

"Laini and the Wildfire"

Based out of New Haven, CT, Laini and the Wildfire are a pop-rock band with a great bluesy feel. Laini and the Wildfire can be placed alongside artists like Lake Street Dive and draw influences from many artists such as Hozier, Fiona Apple, and Ray Charles. Their debut 5-track self-titled EP is a collection of songs that offer inner reflection about the desire to take risks and follow your passion and dreams. The EP's message is delivered with top-notch songwriting, vocals and musicianship; it is impressive and refreshing.

“Higher” starts the EP off with great energy, beginning with quick repetitive piano chords, complimented with small bass and guitar riffs and a steady back-beat. The intro leads us into the first verse starting with, “Wasting time like I’m so damn wasted,” introducing us to the stunning vocals of Laini. Immediately apparent is the high quality production and mix. "Higher" demonstrates the group’s ability to write sophisticated and memorable songs. Check out the video of "Higher" directed by John Tashiro to hear my enthusiasm for the band.
Next up on the album is the blues ballad “Rhapsody.” This song jumps right into action, immediately putting us into the first verse with the words, “Always I had to fight.” From the moment Laini enters, you hear sweet emotion. A good bridge connects the themes, repeating the phrase "You're gonna get what you deserve" several times; listening to Rhapsody, it is clear that what Laini and the Wildfire deserve is outstanding recognition for for their sweet rhapsodies. Following “Rhapsody” is the song titled “Newport.” “Newport” beings with just guitar and vocals, showcasing Laini's raw talent and confident tone. This song is one of the more unique tracks off the EP, boasting a more alternative style. “Newport” provides a nice change in vibe and is a great transition to their next track “To Have A Home.”

"To Have A Home" is another bluesy ballad and my favorite track on the EP. It boasts nice piano work, some vocal harmonies, tasteful guitar leads, catchy melodies and lyrics. "You think you love me by you don't. If you really loved me I would no. There's be no doubt, no question about your attention, no empathy shell of a person. If you really loved me I would know. I would know." Laini simply shines on this radio-ready, hit track that tells a honest, heart-felt story. The EP ends with the song “Reckless” which will have listeners wanting more. With a slower and more somber mood, this song yields a softer quality in the vocals and this softness is powerful, showing that Laini and the Wildfire are capable of delivering great music, both up-tempo good vibe tunes and slower emotional ballads.

With their self-titled debut EP, Laini and the Wildfire achieved their goal. This is no cookie-cutter EP; it took risk and passion and the results are a truly artistic, original and soulful EP. Looking to the future, the band plans to release a full length album in May 2017 along with plans to tour the east coast tour. For more information on the band or to purchase their music, visit their website. - Indie Spoonful-Bryon Harris


'Hold On To Your Soul' - Album Released Oct 27 2023

Track Listing

1. You, Me, Us (and Mexico)

2. Hold On To Your Soul

3. Love is A Lonely Road

4. Where The Wind Blows

5. Dime

6. Say It With Love

7. Big Ben

8. Wayward Thrill

9. Call You. Home

10. DeLorean

11. Water and Sand

'Wandering' album released 11/3/17

1. Wandering

2. Copilot

3. Bricks in the Water

4. All the Love in the World

5. Goodnight is Not Goodbye

6. Outside the Norm

7. Sound of Change

8. Sunday

Self-titled debut EP released 5/7/2016

1. Higher

2. Rhapsody

3. Newport

4. To Have a Home

5. Reckless 




Laini and the Wildfire is a soulful piano rock quartet from New Haven, CT. With powerhouse vocals and amplified retro pop inspired songwriting, the band floats between genres creating their own distinct blend of introspective rock, roots, and soul.  More than three years in the making, the band’s new full length album titled,  ‘Hold On To Your Soul’ is a wink to the group’s sonic journey, as well as a celebration of the beauty in unabashedly embracing individuality.   

Channeling her background as a working therapist, the record is lead singer/songwriter/keys player Laini Marenick’s attempt at reconciling her own personal struggles with self love and acceptance, flaws and all.  Through empowerment, vulnerability, and confrontation of the shadow self, ‘Hold On To Your Soul’ traverses thematic highs and lows through groove driven aural landscapes.   

The record is a follow up to Laini and the Wildfire’s 2017 debut album, titled ‘Wandering’ which was was awarded “Best Pop Band” by Indie Voice blog, and received numerous write-ups from press outlets including The Hartford, Courant, CD Baby, and The Big Takeover. The band has  steadily gained recognition for their energetic and engaging performances throughout venues and festivals in the northeast, supporting touring acts such as Heartless Bastards, Juice, and Alpaca Gnomes, as well as performing at events like the Big E, Sailfest (New London, CT), and Riverfront Music Revival (CT). 

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