La Interurbana Blues Band

La Interurbana Blues Band


"El blues no se escucha, se siente, nosotros transmitimos ese sentimiento" - "The blues is not to be listened, but to be feeled, we transmit that feeling" - "La Interurbana Blues Band"


By needs of making blues music, we got together from diferent cities in Mar del Plata ( our home city actually ), and we formed "La Interurbana Blues Band". Little by little we are developing our sound as a band and individually. Our main influence is SRV ( Stevie Ray Vaughan ), although we have some major influences from black blues, but we developed a unique sound taking that influences into our playing and we are very proud of that.


Scotch ( Independent Record ) -

Set List

Our set includes a series of classic SRV songs, Albert collins, Jeff Healey, Luther Allison, Buddy Guy, and of course our own unique sound inside that set..