Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

- « Like Sex Pistols meets the Beatles!" WEFT (Chicago, ILL)



- « Like Sex Pistols meets the Beatles!" WEFT (Chicago, ILL)

New album to be released in 2017 mixed by David Bottrill (Grammy winning producer for Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Staind…).

LA JARRY come from France. They play energetic rock/punk music. The Guys are known for their catchy choruses and lead singer Benoît’s unique voice. David Pourtau, who is a blind guitar player, manages to create a modern and distinctive sound. The lads have just released a new EP titled Mea Culpa.

They regularly perform in the U.S , UK, Europe, Australia…and will be part of the famous Chicago’s RIOT Fest in 2017.

LA JARRY are famous in France and their song "mea culpa" is also being played  in the UK. Same for the U.S, on air on some commercial and CMJ Radio stations. (KROQ in L.A, WRIF Detroit, 91X San Diego…)

This summer, they are  on tour in the US (NYC, Minneapolis, St Paul, Philadelphia etc... ...). Also, LA JARRY have already performed live in different venues and festivals in the US like Chicago, Boston...

The tracks « Mea Culpa » and « Liverpool » have been played on several Rock Alternative radio stations in the US (KROQ in Los Angeles, WRIF Detroit,MI, KCTL Denver, CO and added over 115 CMJ College  Radios….), Canada (Radio X Quebec, NRJ Montreal..) Europe (Virgin Radio Paris, France Inter…), and in the UK including Amazing radio, Eagle 3, Jim Garrett’s Sound Lab, ACR network….and also in South Africa on Tuks FM (#1 College Rock and Alternative Radio in Pretoria), Pub Rock Radio (Pretoria, South Africa)…

«  LA JARRY and their song “Liverpool,” which is damn near the coolest French rock/punk song I’ve ever heard.ALAN CROSS (Los Angeles, CA)

- «  Scores as both Straight-Ahead Post-Punk & as French Pop " KUNM (New-York)