L.A.Jenkins/Stop by Fear

L.A.Jenkins/Stop by Fear

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

The ethereal musical styling of L.A.’s and skillful compositions that merges modern jazz, ambient and experimental playing into captivating compositions performances. One of the most engaging performances you’re performance space will host.


 “Stop by Fear”, is the unique collaboration between creative artists that share a love for adventurous musical styling and sounds.

They have come together in anticipation of adding their voice to the universal cacophony of that very special music that generations have loved. The quintessential marriage of new music in the genre of modern jazz/free improvisation, jazz rock, ambient, experimental and the avant-garde, funk jazz music and Neo soul/R&B.

The main locomotive engine of this collective is L.A. Jenkins

“Stop by Fear “is his partner’s in this endeavor and all of his creative output is directed through the umbrella of “SBF”;

Bio, L.A. is a modern jazz guitarist/ composer; L.A., has many musical styles and interests and his art and creativity is on display in this presentation. His relaxed approach to his art is always about the music and the collaboration he forges with other like minded musicians. 
He wishes “to advance the ideal of artistic freedom being unhindered by cultural assumptions about the individual and enforced as limiting expectations as it relates to categories and genre.”
Thus he dips his “toe” (so to speak) into many styles of creative music.

L. A.; current interest is playing in the genre of modern jazz/free improvisation, jazz rock, ambient, experimental and the avant-garde , funk jazz music and Neo soul/R&B.

As stated, SBF is a collective of artists that coalesce into a collaborative that takes this musical art form and makes the music their own.

 Stop by Fear is:

 L.A. Jenkins – Guitar, programming,

Martin Rippel, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, handheld percussion,

Chris Weldon, Cello, Gong, Electronic loops:

 addition collaborators:

 Chris Murray, Drums/ Sampler,

 Monique Mitchell/ Vocals

Anthony Jacobs, Flute, Trombone, Alien wind instruments, handheld percussion. 

Hasan Abdur-Razzaq - Reeds - Cello – Percussion, 

 Adam Smith - Drums - Percussion – Synthesizers 

 Also,  L.A. has collaborated with some  creative artist over the last couple of years: to name a few, percussionist: Tatsuya Nakatani, bassist Tom Abbs, bassist Joel Peterson, saxophonist Michael Cary, saxophonist Gary Thompson, drummer Ryan Jewell,  multi- instrumentalist, James Cornish and Guitarist Ken Aldroft to name a few notable collaborations. 

So: explore the music presented and enjoy the ethereal music of “Stop by Fear”.







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