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Silverthorne, Colorado, United States | SELF

Silverthorne, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band Rock Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Monstrous Rocking - Awesome!"

"Yikes! This rocks! Monstrous!" - Rusty Blake, SongRamp

"Great Stage Presence! Great Music! Great Show!"

"LaJune.. let me tell you something about this band! I recently threw a benefit show for one of my greatest friends that lost their home a few months ago and was contacted by them to play in the show. I was a bit concerned as the bands that I had already contracted were of an extreme genre, but happy to have them on the bill anyhow. LaJune came, they played their hearts out and they packed a punch for sure! Great stage presence, great music - the kind that gets you movin' and they are all just great people! I was grateful to have them on the show and hope to work with LaJune again soon!! - Tiffany Burnham Former Music Promoter and Co-Founder of Hell on Heels Legion Pre, Facebook

"Definitely a solid rocker with a great edge"

"excellent tune! love the guitar work on here. just a great melody on them. Vocals are top notch! Definitely a solid rocker with a great edge. Band sounds tight! Well done all." - Dazed, MixPosure

"Superbly written songs"

"Awesome opening guitar work...kicks this track up a notch. Vocals are spot the energy !! Superbly written song... Great rocker fer sure...Excellent track.... Kudos !!" - Larry, MixPosure

"Nice! You guys are absolutely rocking here."

"Nice! You guys are absolutely rocking here. Vocals are right on and the music on here has that distortion that I just love! Excellent job all." - Dazed, MixPosure


Already Gone - Edge of Insanity
Affectionate Illusion - Edge of Insanity
Euphoric Salvation - Edge of Insanity
Evil Is As Evil Does - Edge of Insantiy
Eye For An Eye - Edge of Insanity
Reasonings - Edge of Insanity
Suicidal Tendencies - Edge of Insanity




Every so often a band crawls out of the pool of music to voice a view the masses want to give ear to but are intimidated by liberal loudmouths and can’t. LaJune is the anti-cooperative to those who deem themselves “politically correct.” In fact, lyrically they go against the grain of the norm by incorporating metal, hard rock and a slight “twang” to the vocals which results in a Fusion Metal of sorts.

Musically intriguing, the melodies are catchy, lyrics meaningful yet easy, with rhythms you’ll want to bang your head to. Hair flying, fists in the air and dark excitement fuel audiences whether they understand the music or not. Hard to deny when you’re caught up in the show, really.

During live shows you find yourself writhing with the music unable to control your body since the music kicks you in the ass. Down and dirty, to the point and in your face, it’s like Pantera meets Heart in some respects. But how can this be as the spectrum is so different? Because at times the melodies are soft and delicate but the underlying music is hard, rockin’ and aggressive.


As time progressed, LaJune’s daily life was filled with unfair and relentless employers, lying politicians and physical and mental abuse which needed music to vent. This is a Venting: a true musical release which keeps them in check enabling them to slap the face of eternal oppression. Using the writing as a way to unmask evil intentions of government and religious leaders and expose personal experiences creates poetic and comprehensive thoughts which lead the listener to a euphoric release of feelings including aggression.

The music is mental candy which gives pleasure and satisfaction to LaJune since the music will never go away. They believe in expressing feelings through articulate statements that are truthful and honest, hard driving music and theatrical performances.


April LaJune, vocalist, keyboards, lyrics and arrangements, is a radical against the system which oppresses anyone. Her pen is just as mighty as her daggers. A perfectionist and intimidating front for LaJune, audiences catch the vibe which exudes from her stage performances. They understand what she’s saying getting caught up in the music as fists pump and heads bang in agreement.

Tim LaJune, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, music writer, is a “stand up for yourself” kind of guy. He’s driven by his thoughts and feelings which result in deep, dark melodies complimenting the drums and bass. Uniquely artistic, using electric 6-string, 7-string and acoustic guitars to bring the songs to life you will experience the abyss which can occupy the mind if not let out.

Jay Elam, 6-string bass player and acoustic/electric lead, is a self-proclaimed Atheist. Don’t be mistaken, he believes in right/wrong – just not the deity aspect which influences most people’s lives. Aggressive bass rhythms and a “rubber-band” tone create the unique fusion metal sound which is LaJune.

Derrick Linzie, aggressive percussion and acoustic/electric guitar, brings his influences of punk and metal to the force of the music. Double and triple bass beats with tom fills bring the atmosphere of seriousness to what could be just another metal band. Instead, he sets the tone for what’s about to come – a full force, in your face aggression for socio-political change that needs to happen.

WARNING: The above BIO could be hazardous to your musical health, but in actuality, it will bring you closer to your own emotional release.