A large mix of inspiration sources, from classical music to dance music, with a strong touch of british pop and new wave. Styles may vary, but melody and harmony are the keys !


I started studying classical music for a few years back in my childhood. When growing as a teenager, I played in a band of friends. We were playing a mix of rock and new wave music (real guitars, drums and bass with keyboards) composed by ourselves. We performed a few concerts in Lyon (France) in the early 90's. Then life made us take different pathes and we stopped playing music to enter our own professional lives.

A few years ago, I tried some musical software and started composing again on my own. I realized then that creating music is the most exciting and satisfying activity I can have on this planet. I still work to eat and pay the rent, but I will be a professional composer someday.

Some of my influences come from classical music composers, like Tchaïkowski, Chopin, Bach, Wagner that my father was listening when I was a kid, but also from many english-speaking pop/rock/new wave composers from the 80's/90's, like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Blur, The Cure, David Bowie, The Police, Aztec Camera,Talk-Talk, Tears for Fears, Nick Kershaw, or from french composers like Serge Gainsbourg, Air...

The most important thing for me in music is the quality and creativity of the melodies and harmonies. Not the style. I can appreciate almost all styles of music, if only it has been composed creatively. Style is just, well, fashion. Marketing. It's needed to sell, I know, but it's not my area. I let people who know do the job.


Under Chinese Rain

Written By: Stéphane de Buttet

Look at me, listen to me
I have strong feelings for you
I’m a machine
Behind a screen
But I’m living
And I am dreaming

Little computer girl
Beautiful silicon pearl
I want to wash these stains
Standing under chinese rains
Even if you whirl your brains
Your love is artificial
Feelings for you are vain
For us all

Please trust me, don’t be afraid
Don’t stay hidden in the shade
There’s no reason
There’s no treason
My love is pure
So don’t be unsure

Tradition is submission
The death of all evolution
If you are blind
Open your mind
Listen to me
It’s easy you see ?

Chemical, electrical
We’re just the same after all
Let me love you
I’ll let you love me
If we want to
We will be happy

Ciel Brouillé

Written By: Charles Baudelaire

Note : Charles Baudelaire is a famous french poet from the XIXth century. "Ciel Brouillé" (Blurred Sky) is one of his poems. This song has been inspired by it.

Here is the text :

On dirait ton regard d'une vapeur couvert;
Ton œil mystérieux (est-il bleu, gris ou vert?)
Alternativement tendre, rêveur, cruel,
Réfléchit l'indolence et la pâleur du ciel.

Tu rappelles ces jours blancs, tièdes et voilés,
Qui font se fondre en pleurs les coeurs ensorcelés
Quand, agités d'un mal inconnu qui les tord,
Les nerfs trop éveillés raillent l'esprit qui dort.

Tu ressembles parfois à ces beaux horizons
Qu'allument les soleils des brumeuses saisons...
Comme tu resplendis, paysage mouillé
Qu'enflamment les rayons tombant d'un ciel brouillé.

O femme dangereuse, ô séduisants climats!
Adorerai-je aussi ta neige et vos frimas,
Et saurai-je tirer de l'implacable hiver
Des plaisirs plus aigus que la glace et le fer?


Nothing ever released.