Lake Inferior

Lake Inferior


"[...] with glowing indie pop that elicits thoughts of Brian Eno's pop production. Stark but warm, dynamic but restrained, Lake Inferior is already a fully functional unit, but still radiates the promise of even better things to come." -Indy Week


They met wearing Pokemon costumes outside a WXYC 80’s Dance Party, and it was love at first sight. Over the course of the next several months, Lake Inferior started sharing guitar riffs, vocal melodies, and an apartment living room. Perhaps it was Nasir Abbas’ Chippendale costume at a Dressed to Get Screwed Party or maybe it was Derek Torres’ ever-present “Crust-tache,” but somehow Lake Inferior was able to win the hearts and minds of the Chapel Hill/Carrboro community and ultimately find itself as the flagship band for UNC-Chapel Hill’s student record label Vinyl Records. A steady gig as the Saint Anthony’s Hall house band turned into opening slots for Deerhunter, Times New Viking, the Rosebuds, and Annuals, and the completely sold out, debut Lake Inferior EP has led to demand for a new 10”, Pegasaur, coming out in November, 2009.

Lake Inferior’s latest release takes listeners aboard the SS Pegasaur for a celestial, psychoactive journey through nether-regions of outer space. Pegasaur finds the band delving into swells of electric guitars and washed-out synthesizers, filled with burbling poly-rhythmic delight. Limited to 420 copies worldwide, Lake Inferior’s Pegasaur is set to take off in T-minus 11.12.09 seconds.


Lake Inferior EP, January 2009
Pegasaur 10", November 2009