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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



by: Adam - 10.10.05
Where there's a Will there's a way. Well there aint' no Will but there certainly was a way! This cryptic bollocks refers to the fact that The Tremula (featuring Will Sartain) decided to perform a disappearing act on Monday night at the Head of Steam. Well, actually you couldn't really call it a disappearing act as such, more of a completely failed to turn up let alone even provide the Double Down (promoter) lads a reason as to why they didn't grace us with an appearance act. Anyway, the 'way' in this case was the original line up of Chippewa Falls and Lake Me now being pushed as the main show of the night, and what's more, it ended up being £2 cheaper, which makes things even better, i dare say many people would have still paid the full price after tonight's show, but I'm not one to complain of saving two English pounds. Tonight we are treat with some new songs from Chippewa Falls along with tracks from their four track ep. 'Valentine' is, as always a misleading five minutes of hypnotic guitar until - bang, a sudden burst of intense drums and guitar to completely wake everyone up and snap them out of their trance. Their new tracks compliment their set well, keeping with the build up of hypnotic and atmospheric guitars, but now with an introduction of heavier drum lines throughout. 'Wolfy' is my favourite track right now. Lovely distorted guitar, heavier and faster drums kick straight in, a really driving song. They finish with a new song, or new to me at least, all i can remember is that I loved it and that it was a perfect set closer. That'll teach me to wait 2 days before writing a review.
Lake Me took to the stage a little later to compensate for the lack of whereabouts of 'The Tremula' and made everyone forget all about what was then later referred to "that band that didn't show up". We've been somewhat spoilt as of late with Lake Me. Now with their new self released album; 'Solace' available, we're hearing more and more of the Lake Me girls. This is definately a good thing I'm sure you'll all cry, and tonight is a damn good set. Nathalie's voice is so powerful, and just cuts right through everything in the room, along with her pounding guitar riffs that makes you wonder if there is someone hidden round back playing away at a bass. Thick PJ Harvey style riffs over Lucy's pounding bass drum matches the rhythm of every heartbeat. 'Sister's Song' is just something else, the drums starting their marching pace, I swear they have something almost spiritual creating another sound along with them. They close their set with an instrumental track which breaks with a fantastic burst of drums only to have the guitar come driving back in.
Who the fuck is 'The Tremula' again?! - Adam

"LAKE ME 'Solace'"

by: Jeff - 03.10.05
When i purchased 'Solace', the latest release from the Lake Me girls, I knew instantly that between the two layers of recycled cardboard, would lie an absolute stunner of an album. And god was i right. Bringing every ounce of the raw, pure, and powerful adrenalin from Lake Me's live performances, this album will rip out your heart and really make you bleed. With classics like "Sisters Song" and "Hit and Run", combined with some of their newer material, there is a selection which will accommodate every emotion known to man. I find myself amazed that one guitarist/singer and a drummer can compile such a full and unique sound, both on the stage and in the studio. Nathalie (Guitarist/Singer) has jumped at the chance to show off the astonishing range, depth, and quality of her voice by adding some perfect harmonies throughout each of their songs, and Lucy (Drummer) is an equal match, providing some tight and edgy beats that will send shivers down your spine. Often you will hear a second, subordinate melodic line driving through the weeping riffs of Lake Me's music. No, this is not a second guitar, or a bass. This is simply the style that Nathalie treats her rather attractive Fender Jaguar to. Amazing. This album will teach you a lot about yourself, it truly is tailor made, perfect music. - Jeff

"LAKE ME Live @ Cluny"

Anyone that hasn't seen these do so, their songs are just effortless layers of lush! First time I saw these I was a tad hammered and was absolutely mesmerised by the swirling guitar and the voice the singer has. I wasn't expecting to see anything that night but I went home feeling uplifted and hungry for alot more than what I saw. They played at the Cluny that night and I've never heard anything sound that amazing and full from a two piece in such a big room.

"LAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO GO :: Lake Me :: Retisonic ::"

:: Lake Me :: Retisonic :: 09 June 2004 / Star and Garter / Manchester By Dave Himelfield
One tiny young lady cradles her Fender Jaguar as if it were her offspring. She resembles a more petite Emma Pollock (yes, this is possible) looking distinctly out of proportion with her large bodied instrument. To her left a slightly intimidating heavily tattooed lady sits behind her trapset, tapping away with grace and syncopated inspiration. At the back something like a Zoom rhythm master is making bass noises. This is the inscrutably titled 'Lake Me', a tender, bare and modest combo from again Newcastle. Somewhere between the most tender of folk rock (Low, Mazzy Star), off-beat rhythmic femme indie (Autoclave, Sleater Kinney) and post-rock expansionism, Lake Me are painfully honest, intimate and above all captivating. Earnest songs of heartbreak (one in particular being dedicated to a particularly upsetting visit to Manchester) are dealt with an almost shy sincerity and refreshingly evolved musical backing. The Tyneside's Job Centres, it appears should become increasingly congested with lame-arsed Weller/Stone Roses copyists, forced into redundancy by a burgeoning breed of Geordie modernists (No, not mods!). The marching machines show no sign of faltering either with Lake Me symbolising another fine example of plausible and truly individual rock. -


'Solace' Self reliesed 2005 11 track album.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The duo Lake Me consists of Nathalie Stern on guitar and vocals, and Lucy Hammond on drums. Both have been writing, recording and touring their music in various bands for a total amount of 20 years. Although Lake Me started out as a guitar and vocal based solo project in 2001, the sound was made complete by the addition of drums 2 years later.

Playing nationally and internationally, Lake Me have created a base around Europe with their bare set up. Their music draws references from Led Zeppelin to Lucinda Williams, Lungfish to Neko Case without the risk of disintegrating their unique sound. On the contrary, the songs have a distinct sound which has been derived from a diverse musical palette and assembled to provide a combination of subtle vocals and full on instrumental batterings.

The band has played their own headlining tours in Germany and Sweden as well as support slots and festivals in Germany, Switzerland and Ireland. Their distinct blend of musical genres has seen them support acts as diverse as Erase Errata, PW Long, Stinking Lizaveta and most recently Stars.

Forging links with other aspects of art, Lake Me have worked with two visual artists at several shows, merging their aural performances with live and pre-recorded film footage. This came about as the result of a project which culminated in a show at an arts centre with experimental and improvised projections intermixed with the band playing live, creating a conceptual space of music and visuals.

In the summer of 2005, Lake Me released their debut album entitled ‘Solace’. Keen on keeping their hands-on approach at the forefront of their creativity, the album was self-released and spans two years of Nathalie’s and Lucy’s collaborative musicianship and self-reflective musings. The CD comes in a recycled cardboard packaging which is designed, hand printed and assembled by the band itself. The album contains 11 tracks of stripped down blues-infused tunes and off-beat rhythms, epitomising the uncompromising offerings of their music

Alongside Lake Me, both members have projects of their own involving music and art. Both are involved in organising autonomous non-corporate events in the region to promote women artists, be they regional, national or international.
As well as arranging a women focused music festival, events and lending a helping hand with setting up Ladyfests, Lucy is involved in several separate music projects and sometimes works as a DJ.
Nathalie pursues a solo project experimenting and improvising with traditional and own folk songs, using only a loop pedal and vocals. Many of these are songs that she grew up with in Sweden and although her solo shows are displays of more subdued performances, the harmonies and beats found in traditional folk music can be heard in some of the more subtle songs of Lake Me.

On the web, the official sites of Lake Me can be found at and