Lake Seldom Seen

Lake Seldom Seen


Alternative Indie rock, with guitar, bass, and drums.


Thom Kissinger started Lake Seldom Seen in college by playing solo in coffee houses and college events, occasionally with another acoustic guitar, bass, cello, violin. In January 2009 he relocated the band to Harrisburg and added Kevin Crom on drums and Nathan Oakley on Bass to form the current line up. Thom has written all of the lyrics and chord structures, however the band puts forth great influence to rhythm patterns and arranging of parts. The bass rhythms, with the addition of bass fuzz distortion, creates a bass part and a rhythm guitar type tone to help fill out the sound of the band. The drummer fills the sound with tight snare rhythms and jazz influenced fills to match rhythms of the bass and guitar parts. The lead vocal is strong and in your face, with lyrics that grab your attention and melody's that catch.


Lake Seldom Seen Demo EP

Set List

We have around 20 songs, all originals, and can play a 45 minutes to an hour and a half set. We play covers on occasion, but not always