Lakeysha Charee

Lakeysha Charee


LaKeysha Charee is a producer, singer and songwriter who've developed and defines a new genre called NeoGospel! A mix of Jazz, Soul and Gospel with a twist. LaKeysha plays seven (7) instruments with a Bass Guitar being her primary.


LaKeysha Charee is not just your average artist. In fact, to say that she is just anything would be an understatement.

Singing lead since the age of 6, playing her first instrument at age 8, acting since age 12, recording professionally by the age of 15, and touring with national stage plays with artist like Karen Clark-Sheard and Shirley Murdock has made this diva well-rounded to say the least.

Today, with seven instruments under her belt, and as a top graduate of the Recording Institute, LaKeysha has honed her vocal and production skills to bring you Real Life A testament that as real Christians, we go through real life experiences.

Born and raised in Detroit, MI, LaKeysha grew up with a deep appreciation for the soul of Motown. Her style reminisces on a time when music was music and lyrics were a deep expression of something meaningful. Combining this with the truth that is gospel, LaKeysha speaks to the heart of every listener through a connection to God and music.

As the title suggests, Real Life is more a collection of testimonies than a collection of songs. From the first track, Sincerely a dedication of self, to the last track, Miracles a revelation that miracles exist even during tragedy, LaKeysha bears her soul about learning and growing while walking with God.

Being a Christian is like being a tightrope walker. There are a million things that can distract you the crowd surrounding you, the fear of falling, the temptation to get off of that thin rope and just take the easy way. But, every step is a triumph. We have to tread carefully and ask God to order those steps. And when we fall, we have to appreciate the fact that God provides a net and a ladder.


LaKeysha Charee has released the following tracks
as singles off the forthcoming album. LaKeysha has
received local radio airplay.

1. Single & Saved
2. Faith In Man
3. Miracles

Album Title: (17 tracks)
Real Life