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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE | AFTRA

Los Angeles, CA | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Electronic Alternative




"Billboard charting recording artist, Lakotah, taking LA by storm with new album"

Billboard charting recording artist, Lakotah, taking LA by storm with new album

Los Angeles (August, 2015) — Lakotah put her mark on the music scene with her Billboard dance hit "Falling" in 2012 and followed up her success with a new EDM track called "I Feel Your Body" featuring DJ Kool-A-Shay in 2015 that is being played in clubs all over the world. However, what is really garnering Lakotah attention as of late is the performance of her new songs from her forthcoming, full-length album titled The Maker. Her live, captivating electronic/alternative rock shows are currently being played all over Los Angeles, and she has strong lyrics and an enchanting voice that is unlike anyone else.

Lakotah's LA tour kicked off at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip back in June. She played at Silverlake Lounge in July and is booked to perform at The Mint August 26 at 9:30 p.m. and The Kibitz Room September 16 at 10: 45 p.m.

Owner of the legendary 4th Street Recording studio in Santa Monica, CA, Kathleen Wirt, said, "In the 26 years I've owned 4th Street Recording, I have learned that artists like Lakotah are few and far between. She is the real thing. And this album delivers; she is at the top of her game with sinewy melodies, intricate arrangements and clever songwriting."

Wirt added, "The Maker is as big, full, dramatic and rich as the name indicates. When listening to the album, I felt a deep rolling spell cast over me with aural delights and was amazed by her breathtaking performance. The forces of light and dark slither over you, and you are compelled to move your hips."

Blaze Indie L.A./Hot 107 nationally syndicated radio show said "You're going to feel enchanted" when listening to Lakotah's music ( and Women of Substance radio ( selected her as one of their top 20 artists.

Additionally, her new EDM song "I Feel Your Body" aired on 80 radio stations worldwide with more than 12 million listeners on the Grammy nominated DJ/artist Al Walser's syndicated show in Hollywood, CA (

For booking, please contact Linda Yniguez, head of A&R/Artist Management/CEO of BooBoo Records at, and for press inquiries, please contact Lakotah's publicist, Stacy Brecht at or (816) 405-2580.


Please contact Stacy Brecht for press inquiries at or (816) 405-2580. - Carder Brecht Communications, LLC

""You're going to feel enchanted""

This is a radio interview featuring New Recording Artist LAKOTAH ON The BLAZE INDIE L.A./HOT 107.1FM, a nationally syndicated radio show broadcast every Thursday from 6-9pm PST. - Blaze Indie L.A./Hot 107 nationally syndicated radio show

"Passion For Dance Music Fuels DJ/Remixer Twisted Dee"

By Ruth Kingsland

ORLANDO — Powerful passion and commitment to a dream, mixed with creativity and a skilled ear is what skyrocketed remixer/DJ Denise “Twisted Dee” Martello Gurney to a level of acceptance and expertise in a field rarely entered by a woman.

Not only is Twisted Dee accepted in the male dominated remixing music world, her sexy, primeval and progressive creations make her a contender as one of the hottest remixers in the country. She’s also in demand in various other countries, where she travels several times a year.

Twisted Dee has remixed songs for more than 100 artists, including the recent Billboard No. 1 charting Gloria Estefan’s song, “Hotel Nacional;” Lisa Hunt’s No. 5 Billboard hit, “The Joint Is Jumpin;’ ” Paulina Rubio’s “Heat of the Night;” RuPaul’s “Cover Girl;” and her most recent work on Del Oro Music artist Lakotah’s “Falling,” which this week slid up to No. 43 on the Billboard Dance charts.

“I’ve been blessed to work with a lot of great artists doing what I really love,” Twisted Dee said.

One of her favorite projects amid her plethora of successful remixes was a project with the electronic rock band Disco Biscuits’ song, “On Time.”

“It was a special accomplishment. Here they have this electro-rock die-hard following and I went online and was reading about them and how their fans were so upset and dissing them because they were doing these dance remixes, and then when it was done it got all these great reviews and that was a real treat,” she said.

Although she lives a quiet life apart from her nightclub DJ work — which includes a great deal of travel — Twisted Dee can’t imagine being in any other field of work.

“Music is my world. I live, breathe and [expletive] music,” she said.

She credits her life partner, Mary Savo with the ability to “live breathe and [expletive] music.”

The couple has been together about 14 years.

“Early on Mary told me she’s had a career, but never really had a dream, so she told me to quit my day job and pursue my dream,” Twisted Dee said. “She said, ‘I never had a dream. You have this passion, this dream. Let’s see where it takes you.’

I’d never have come this far if it weren’t for her. There’s no way I’d be anywhere I am today,” she said.

Where she is today is en route to China for a 12-day, two-city tour in China, with Savo in tow. Twisted Dee said she was really looking forward to the trip because of the length of the trip — most of her gigs are whirlwind two- or- three-day trips — and because it’s not often she travels with companion.

“I love travel and being able to say I’ve been all these places, but really it’s not all as glamorous as you’d imagine,” she said. “Most of the time, about 99 percent of the time, I’m all alone and that’s not so fun because even if you make friends in those countries it’s not the same as having someone to travel with and sightsee with who speaks your language.”

This will be Twisted Dee’s sixth trip to China in the past few years, and second-trip within the past 12 months. She also travels to Brazil at least few times a year and Mexico at least once each year.

Twisted Dee splits most of her time in the states between her home near Orlando and working at a nightclub on New York’s Fire Island. She also enjoys travel across the United States and has been featured in recent years in major dance events at most U.S. states, including Winter Party Miami, NYC Pride, Masterbeat parties in Los Angeles, San Francisco Pride, and at various events in Colorado.

Though she’s dreamed of traveling to Europe and seeing the sights of Spain and Italy, she’s yet to reach those borders. “The closest I came was Helsinki [Finland],” she said, with a laugh, adding though the cruise party she played there was wonderful, great fun, and the people were wonderful, the town left a lot to be desired.

“It was kind of a vampire town. Cold, rainy and dreary. It seemed more like you’d imagine Transylvania to be,” she joked. “The people were wonderful, but Helsinki is the last place you’d want to be.”

Growing up as a child in Long Island, N.Y., Denise Martello got her first glimpse of what she wanted in life. Her parents, Mario and Roseanne Martello, owned Long Island, N.Y.’s first disco, “The Sting.”
“That was in the time of Donna Summer and disco was the big thing. It was wonderful,” she said.

Denise rode her bicycle to the club every day after school, to work in the coat room or help set up for the bartender, cleaning glassware and slicing lemons. As soon as she completed her duties, she’d rush to the DJ booth, where she gleaned every ounce of technical and musical learning available.

“I knew even then that’s what I loved and wanted to do,” she said.

At the age of 17, she got her first DJ job, with the permission of her father, as she was too young to even be in a club without parental permission.

At 25, she got her first gig at a gay club, which, she said, was her calling. She came out in the lesbian community one-year later.

Since then, Twisted Dee has became a household name in the DJ world and also a reporter to Billboard magazine. Reporting to Billboard is how she decided to start remixing songs.

“I thought ‘I can do this myself,’ ” she said, adding she never took classes in music production or remixing. “I’m completely self-taught and it’s all a learning process. But, I love it and I wouldn’t want to do anything else. My work gets better as I learn more and more.”

Most of what she does as a remixer is done in a room in her home, sequestered with the song and a ton of equipment. “I like to give myself time alone to listen and re-listen to the song, over and over,” she said. “When I have to get the project done quickly, I give myself 40 or 50 hours working on it,” she said.

Hopefully, she likes the song. That’s how it worked with Lakotah’s “Falling.”

“Sometimes, the way somebody sings, it just clicks and that’s exactly what happened here [with “Falling”]. I think the wispiness of the vocals, in this very sexy, yet innocent way, it just caught me,” she said.

This is far from Twisted Dee’s first time to fall in love with the song she’s working on, inspiring her to create a chart-breaking hit. A few months ago, she created a remix of Gloria Estefan’s song, “Hotel Nacional,” which jumped to No. 1 on the Billboard Dance chart.

“I’ve had a lot of songs that charted in the top five or 10, but that was my first No. 1 hit. It was pretty exciting, in fact, it felt amazing,” Twisted Dee said.

Twisted Dee has been a DJ for about 30 years and started remixing 18 years ago. Despite this, her peers have recently recognized her as a top “up and coming remixer,” she said.

“I find that funny, since I’ve been doing this longer than any of my peers,” she joked.

Although she’s known by many as the “DJ’s DJ” and has won the title of “Best DJ on Fire Island,” Twisted Dee is still dreaming of her first Grammy award for best remix. “I’d love to be nominated for a Grammy. I don’t really have to win, just the nomination would be wonderful,” she said.

She’d also like to someday work with Lady Gaga or J Lo, she said.

“There’s a lot I’d still love to do,” she said, “but I’m very grateful for all I’ve been able to do.”

For more information on Twisted Dee, visit - Music Dish Network

""FALLING FOR LAKOTAH-Meet the Rising Star Behind One Of This Year's Hottest Dance Hits""

You may recognize the name Lakotah because she’s currently heating up the charts with one of the coolest pop-dance hits of the summer, her debut single “Falling”. Not surprisingly, Lakotah-who goes by the one name only-says the tract was inspired by the process of falling in love. “It’s the single most overwhelming feelings or thing (that can) happen to you,” she says. “Falling in love takes over all you see, hear, smell, taste. Even if you try to stop it, you can’t!”
Originally from the U.K., the multiracial singer is presently based in Los Angeles. “Between my father’s love for Johnny Cash and my mum’s obsession with Black Sabbath, I’ve heard the very best,” says Lakotah of her eclectic musical upbringing. “Then one day, Mum brought home the Kate Bush album Hounds of Love. I then collected her prior works from The Kick Inside and all the way to The Sensual World.”
Lakotah plans to unveil her full-length solo debut around early fall. “Expect an eclectic array of styles,” she says, “from pop-dance songs to adult contemporary electro love ballads to glimpses to my rock roots and finally ending with two very personal, minimalistic songs-one (dedicated) to my daughter Nova and one to my mother, Yuma Dawn McQueen, which is particularly difficult to listen to even now.” When asked to elaborate on McQueen she adds, “She and I were constantly at odds. It deals with how my mum sent me away to live with my father as a teen because we never got along. I only saw my mother once before she passed, five years ago now. Only once, (its) so painful dash-yet I’m still here and have a daughter of my own.”
When the subject turns to sexual orientation, Lakotah has some choice words. “’Queer’ is so ‘90’s,” she says. “’Lesbian’-though I do give this word props…I don’t entirely identify with it. And ‘bi’-oh, please. Don’t even get me started on ‘bi’. So in (light) of the constant evolution of pop culture, suffice to say that I am expansive: sexually advanced!” ( - Curve Magazine (The Music Issue), July/August 2013

"Danie Cortese Celebrity Publicist & Music Promoter DCE International"

"I have had the pleasure of promoting Lakotah, a brilliant singer-songwriter, based in California, for several months now. The response from the International media has been nothing but astounding. As a Top 40 billboard artist and captivating entertainer, there is no doubt in my mind, that this young lady will leave her mark in the industry. She has captured an essence of personal style through her genre that is unlike any other. She is lovely to work with and is backed by a wonderful management team. It is just a matter of time before she becomes a household name. To truly experience Lakotah, is to see her LIVE. Backed by an all star cast of highly credited musicians, her show is none other than 'breathtaking'."

Danie Cortese
Celebrity Publicist & Music Promoter
DCE International - Danie Cortese Celebrity Publicist & Music Promoter DCE International






"I Feel Your Body"

"Falling" - Billboard Chart Dance 2012 

"Waiting for You"

"Hold Me Near"

"Call Me"

"Heaven's Zone"

"The Maker"

"Amazing Man"

"Soldier's Song"

"Nova's Song"

"Still Here"





LAKOTAH (Artist Bio)

Lakotah is a Billboard Charting Recording Artist based in Los Angeles California, who's Electronica -Alternative/ /Rock (EDM) is taking the world on. Lakotah is currently being promoted to the International music markets through celebrity publicist & music promoter Danie Cortese of DCE International.

 Lakotah's new single 'Hold Me Near' has just been released to US. -Top-40/AC radio by Howard Rosen Promotions and has just hit the Billboard 200 chart to start.

 Lakotah's politically charged single 'Soldier's Song (4th Street Version)' produced by Sejo Navajas, was released this spring  to International Radio and is  featured on the upcoming "Refugee Album Relief/Project".  Her Electro/ Alt- Rock single 'Heaven's Own" (released in fall of 2015) has been embraced by radio programmers throughout around the world and is playing on radio, literally, across the globe. 

Lakotah's  EDM/Dance Single “I Feel Your Body” (co-produced by Mickey Oliver/remixed by DJ Kool-A-Shay), reached #7 on the DJ Charts.This EDM/Pop song is still currently  playing in clubs everywhere. 

Lakotah's  first Charted Billboard  Single “Falling” is also featured in the PBS Special “Baila” which airs nationally in the US. 

Lakotah's  full length album 'The Maker' is available now on all digital outlets and at her website: Lakotah 


Official Lakotah website. Based in Los Angeles California, Lakotah is a Billboard Charting Recording Artist who&...

Lakotah is the 'real deal. Her extensive song catalog includes over 250 compositions and has been used in motion pictures & television.

 Lakotah is a prolific songwriter, who writes her own music and lyrics, and has skills that include: voice-over, singing, programming/sequencing, producing, and especially Performing. Lakotah plays the bass, guitar, drums and piano. Lakotah's shows are dynamic, emotional and affecting.

It is note-worthy to mention that Lakotah performed all of the instruments on her new album, except for lead guitar & cello. Guest artist Rebbeka Del Rio, accompanies Lakotah on 'Nova's Song' and the lead guitar is performed by Lizzi Ortiz and the cello is played by Erin Hawkins.

Considering all of Lakotah’s accomplishments thus far, it is her voice that takes center stage. Lakotah's vocals are rich, intriguing, powerful, and intensely passionate: reminiscent of strong female icons such as, Grace Slick, PJ Harvey, and Grace Jones. Lakotah captures the contemporary accessibility and excitement of current female superstars, such  as, Adele, Florence Welch , Alison Goldfrapp and Lana Del Ray. But ask  Lakotah who her biggest influence is and she will confess that her greatest influence on every level is.... Kate Bush.

 Lakotah first gained notable recognition with the release of her first solo CD entitled “Shape Shifter”. She then caught the eye of Deluxe Records & from there, went on to form & front the bands Soul De Sire, Love 11, and later, The Deep Happy. The Deep Happy released two studio albums: “Activate 11:11” and the self-titled album “The Deep Happy”.  Lakotah's new album, “The Maker” was just released on BooBoo Records.

"Lakotah, is a true star" says Danie Cortese. Stay tuned for updates.

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