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La La Boom Boom

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"La La Boom Boom EP" Release date: May 10, 2009

"Logan/Jawdigger's Well" (single released independently)

"Logan" on One Cool Word Magazine Spring 2008 CD compilation (

"Logan" on Bands Against Hunger CD compilation 2008 (

"Odyssey" on Greenbelt Collective Winter 2009 Compilation



The bass drum explodes, lush harmonies echo and, oh! make yourself heard, fiery young violin. Let us dance to something meaningful, where soulful verses roam among bouncing basslines amidst the electro-acoustic-garage-gospel ensemble that is La La Boom Boom. Five urban gypsies wander between Vancouver, Victoria, and Whistler to bring you piercing and fierce pop jams and gems weaved of dreamy catharsis and troubadour spirit.

One bright summer Nevada morning back in 2006, Atalay was wandering the desert in a drunken daze, guitar slung over his back, when he ran into Jesse. Jesse, also quite confused from all the heat, carried a drum, and the two just knew there was nothing else they could do to survive the morning sun but kick out a sweet jam. It was at the Burning Man Festival, and grand cosmic mysteries were apt to reveal themselves. After stumbling out of the desert a week later, all high, dusty, and sunburnt, they both realized a shared passion for weaving intricate musical tales of ecstasies and oblivion, all among the most curious of settings: cliff sides, mountain tops, hotsprings, and busy metropolitan streets from BC to California to Quebec, and back. More than a year later, and after many an adventure, they decided to form a band. Other traveling troubadours eventually threw in their lot: Elise tramped around Europe playing fiddle with Irish drinking bands; and they ran into Dan at their first show on New Year's eve at a house party on the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver; and Rachel, well, she's Jesse's timelessly talented little sister - who knows where she came from (another planet perhaps?).
When the gypsy-like tendencies of these five characters finally subsided, they swore to see each other through thick and thin, and have since delighted audiences for the past year with their lush harmonies and furiously orchestral song structures. The words “electro-acoustic garage gospel” comes to mind, while others think of Arcade Fire jamming with the Violent Femmes on a rocky coast in the summertime. Currently they’re busy tinkering away in many a basement studio on their much anticipated debut EP, which hopes to be born by the end of this long long winter.