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La Lectrice

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La Lectrice is an emerging spoken word artist who has started using live music as a means to expand her creativity. She works with different musicians to develop a distinct, free flowing, improv sound.


La Lectrice is the 'nom de stage' of Layla Macoran, which is the 'nom de plume' of a woman who likes to keep an air of mystery. Born and reared in New York City, La Lectrice began writing as a way to release her creativity after choosing to end her dance career. Once she discovered that writing could be as liberating as dance, she began reading her work in public.
She has co-written with respected musician Eric Biondo (Beyondo, Antibalas) and collaborating with Mike Williams and Tim Allen (Thought)
La Lectrice is currently finishing lyrics for a spoken word EP to be released early next year.


For The Composer To Comprehend and Appease The Lyricist

Written By: La Lectrice

I want you to build me a sound to prop up my words.
I want a groove deep enough to plant my flowers.
Give me the gift of a melody to make me smile and I'l provide the harmony to last the extra mile.
Then give me a beat.
A beat so low and so cool that the headbangers and naysayers won't have resistance.
Their necks will be on cruise control.
Then I'll give them a line, something to make them laugh or cry or get mad or drift off or think I am simply crazy, but they'll be listening.
I'll give your notes verbal pillows to rest on sweetly.
You will provide the sheets.
I'll provide the refreshments, so we hit no sour notes.
You offer the space, I'll fill in the blanks.
If you can do that for me,
And I can do that for you,
Well then...let's.

Digging Deep

Written By: La Lectrice

Wondering how long I have to stay in this room,
Staring at cable-less TV.
Wishing that the face looking back was me.
Eating tired food from a tired old diner,
Knowing that Mama makes the best anything ever.
How many more days will lead to me never
Sit in this room again?
This is the way I live my dream-wondering what will become of me.
Waiting for the phone that does not seem to ring.
Maybe something's wrong and I just don't know.
Probably because the bill's not paid.
Still I wait for the call to change my life.
My friends are strong and true but they're as broke as me.
The time has come to have some inequality.
This is the way I live my dream-fighting off insecurity.
Under the covers digging deep to find my sunshine,
But all I seem to find is rain.
Too many years have passed to give up mine,
So I will get up once again.
This is how I live my dream-
Refusing to wake up.

Menage a wha...?(Mr. Pluto's Memoirs)

Written By: La Lectrice

Mother Earth called, looking for her good vibrations.
I told her no, and now she's jealous and hangs up when I answer the phone.
I rode the goddess of Mercury and now Mother Earth's alone
Feeling sorry for myself since I Lost my planet status,
But we all have our 36 million years of fame;
Then we move on to our next life, advising the young planets to save their money.
Heading south to Zebulon where all naughty Zebulettes play
Life was perfect as a Bb to C...
A mermaid in the sea...
An electric powered SUV...
Chocolate at a quarter to three...
A very weird you and me.
Hazelnut and Honeybee followed me to Zebulon on their magic bourgeois carpet.
They were laughing at Queen Venus because she couldn't keep the beat.
Honeybee rode boy Mercury when Mother Nature wasn't looking.
Hazelnut took my hand and said, " I know a better galaxy. A Hershey's kiss beats the Milky Way."
I stayed but floated away to patake in mood enhanced eight play.
The Zebulettes continued to twinkle in the twilight sky.
Honeybee joined in on a twelve bar blues cry
The light years flew by and we tried to dance but couldn't figure out the steps so we bumped heads.
Honeybee and Hazelnut had a melody of their own and I was trying to embrace the beat.
It wasn't mine to own, but what a scrumptious vibe to behold.
Prettier than what I could comprehend in my torturous sky.
Zebulon began to glow with voodoo power that only comes from A+A=B,
But my problem was B+O=Y.
Hazelnut knew the math was wrong and changed her tune to add my chorus:
Three blind mice,
Three blind mice,
See how they come,
See how they come.
There's only one stick among us three
But these two chicks have more stones than me.
I may not have eyes but I still see
We're three blind mice.
Honeybe longed for Saturn to give her a ring.
Missing the perfect red storm Mars showered upon her she called on Hazelnut for sunrise and candy canes.
Hazelnut needed to make sense of the tension, then cut the rubber bands to find release. I caught one and made a futile attempt to pull her taut,
But she was having none of it.
Hazelnut and Honeybee downed Kombucha and decided they had their own worlds to play.
Knowing all too well this dip in the time slip may leave us lost,
They sprinkled fairy dust all over ne and I began to fade off into real land.
Then they floated off on their magic carpet to conquer another lost planet;
Always to remember, never to return.
Despite the early phone call from Mother Earth,
I awoke in the Sea of Tranquility
As mellow as a cup of tea,
As chill as a winter tree.
I took a puff and honored thee,
Fair Hazelnut and Honeybee,
For taking me out of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Set List

Currently 30-40 minutes, with an average of 6 pieces performed with percussion, acoustic and/or electric guitar, and vocals.