La Loba

La Loba


we are a band made of 2, a man and a woman, and of course our computer.. and our electric guitars, our ukelele, our bass.. and our voices. Our music speaks of the lives of wolves from an electro- folk style to punk rock that will make you auuuuuu! An electronic mix of descontructive songs.

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Cover band: 


1. LoboDance
2. Bona Nuit
3. Mi casa echa humo

Set List

1. Lobodance
2. Mi casa echa humo
3. Bona Nuit
4. Avenidas
5. Despierta mi bien
6. AMsterdam
7. Eres tú
8. Pueblo chico
9. Princesa
10. Círculo Polar

About 40 min.