Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandPopHip Hop

Meet the newest teen sensation, Pop/MC that the labels are raving over! Sky's The Limit Ent introduce to you, the first lady, L.A. LOVE THE BOSS!


L.A. Love was born in Glenn Burnie, Maryland where she grew up singing and performing in her mother’s salon. At the tender age of nine, L.A. Love decided that she wanted to be a singer and rapper. As a result of this decision, the pop singer developed a rapper alter ego, “The Boss”. This is where it gets interesting. Combining both pop and rap, L.A. Love-The Boss, mixes things up to create her self-titled persona as a “Popper”. “Love” defies being categorized or labeled as the norm. In fact, she takes pride in letting go, taking risk, and standing up for what she believes in, even if that means being different. At only 15 years old, L.A. Love is positioning herself to be the first pop star/rapper (Pop MC) teen sensation, by connecting with teens all across the world through her lyrics, performances, fashion, and humanitarian efforts.
Like Love, the rarest diamonds are generally hard to find. However, love has a way of finding you, when you least expect it.


1. Let's Go
2. I Don't Comb My Hair
3. I Do What I Want
4. You're My Boy
5. Tattoos
6. Goodie 2 Shoes
7. Stop
8. With Out Me You're Nothing
9. I Love Junk Food

I write all of my songs and I really enjoyed creating this album. I was able to make songs for the 10 & under kids like my little nephew, make songs for 10-18, as well as 15-up.

Join L.A. in helping Germaine Moody support Japan at www.notbyyourself.org Thank you!

Songs produced by So So Def producer Ced Keyz and L.A.'s finest, Chuck Cymone.