La Magdalena

La Magdalena


Latin introes, with reggea ska verses, punk rock choruses and hard rock guitar soloes


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we all come different bands with different crowds, and the previews months before our first jam had been a down-hill slide to what was a crash of latin- flavor-inspired Rock Revolution.

Luis the Drummer, had put a bulletin on myspace looking for musicians with whom to start a rock band with a more aggresive edge. Jesus soon answered the call because he had just been kicked out of another local band. coincidentially, that same month, Sebastian AKA El Colombiano had just come back from his native country to find that the band that he had started,managed,and directed was kicking him out, but it was those same guys who told S.A.E.C about Luis' article. He also found other bands but when he saw the chemistry held in that room with Luis and Jesus was something he knew wasn't easily found.
Gabriel, who had previously played with Luis in another band and was friends with hi since they were little, hesitated when the offer of joining the band was placed in front of him, but then he felt the need to create music and to follow his passion an then he decided to join the band.
In a jam seccion the band was struggling for a name, and Sebastian decided to be funny and suggested "Magdalena La Llorona", his band ,ates accually liked it and decide to opt the nme with a little twist, to change the spellinog of LLorona to Yorona. they wenty on to play their first gigs with this name.
Later they settled for simply La Magdalena, and create a whole theme around a fictional charachter who lives in world of livind dead individuals who hold carnivals while they await their trial.


El Baile De Los Muertos is our first single. It made its way to "Generacion Radio". a very popular latin station on the web.we were guests at the station on july 2nd 2008, and they had a record of rating because of all the people that logged in and watched us

Set List

we cover a lot of Latin rock such as La Maldita Vecindad, Maria Fatal and other bands at the heavier more edgy sound. we of course play covers from ska bands such as Sublime and others. And a little power metal songs from bands like Mago de Oz and Rata Blanca. we also have slower music from bands like Mana and Liran Roll.

All of this influences our music