La Mal Coiffée

La Mal Coiffée

 Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, FRA
BandFolkA Capella

The polyphony gets loud. Since its creation in 2002, La Mal Coiffée voices haven’t changed their course and they reinforce everyday their identity both in good spirit and in free expression. Drawing from Occitan popular singing, they are creating a repertoire to match their electric energy.


Since 2002, La Mal Coiffe gave more than 300 gigs and appeared on TV as well as on the radio. They got praised by critics and others and this urges them to keep on with the same strength and enthusiasm.

The singers of La Mal Coiffe take hold of the peculiar Languedocian historic tone of voice, closely linked with the Occitan language with which people live, work and chat _ in open air. This enables them to create a compact chorus sound which hits you in the face and gets you dying to sing.

The language and the culture havent been directly transmitted to us. We are taking them over and create our own space to play, express ourselves as well as open up to the world.

They have exchanged on a regular basis with artists from neighbouring cultures _ cousins from the same Latin cultural family. They may or not be close in repertoire, tone or even themes, but they are all one big family!


Polyphonies Occitanes (Modal / L’Autre distribution) in June 2007

A l’Agacha (Sirventés / L'Autre Distribution) in October 2009

O Les Omes (Sirventés / l'Autre Distribution) for October

they’ll also release an album recorded during a trip to Mongolia _ a French Occitan Mongol creation. They’ll also take part in the recording of Brazilian artist Silverio Pessoa’s next album