Lamar AdoT Thomas

Lamar AdoT Thomas

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
SoloHip Hop

"Rising star, but I'm falling from the sky, burning inside." - Rapper & Writer - Eccentric and thoughtful lyrics, uniquely paired with music, performed with presence, and infused with the soul of New Orleans.


Being born and raised in the 9th Ward, Lamar AdoT Thomas has had the soulful and charismatic spirit and flavor of New Orleans running though his body since birth.

At the age of fifteen, AdoT experienced first hand, the life-changing events of Hurricane Katrina, and proved to himself that his determination could get him through any trials life may bring. After facing extreme adversity on his journey to safety, finally AdoT steps foot off the bus that brought him to Texas.

Fast forward to current day: AdoT continues to live up to the promise he made to himself years ago; leave a legacy as a prolific, creative, and uniquely authentic underground Hiphip artist. He has now spent years creating impactful music, and continues to be an example of the audacious resilience of New Orleans, by turning the struggle and tragedy he experienced as a Hurricane Katrina survivor into inspiration and motivation to fuel his passion.

Within the saturated world of Hiphop music, it can be tough to stand out, but AdoT identifies himself with a distinct sound and bold perspective all his own. He has racked up numerous accomplishments, including: 

Voted the 'Hottest Unsigned Artist' in DFW, 2011

'97.9 the Beat' Freestyle Champion

Opening for Mystikal 

Opening for Kirk Bangz 

Featuring on the 'Swisha House' mixtape, 2013

11 original mixtapes

4 studio albums

With his unmatched versatility and strong work ethic, AdoT continues to build fans and name recognition not only locally, but internationally, with each new project he puts out.

"London Bridge gon' fall when I drop this sh*t

Economy collapse from this rapture 

Straight to your phone like a call or a text 

But this something complex, need an app for it

I got this sh*t on lock

While you ding dongs knock on doors..."

-Black Death (State of Being)


Set List

Set list(s)

Floating In The Air (When Jordan Lost)
Peace Up (State of Being)

"Introduction to Crowd"

What's Up (State of Being)
Black Death (State of Being)
My Way Out (State of Being)

Long Day (Kid from the South)
Falling Star (Kid from the South)
Second Line (acoustic version) (Kid from the South)
Addiction (Kid from the South)
It's All Cool (Kid from the South)

I'm Not Coming Down (feat. Paul McCartney) (Mr. Right)
Word (Mr. Right)
Work the Young & Blues (Mr. Right)

"Thank you's"