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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
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"Shepherds Of Rock"

I’ll avoid saying this is the best CD the Posies never put out (wait, did I just?) and start with this: Shepherds of Rock could not be more appropriately titled, even without the obvious pun, because this may be one of the albums that will help save rock and roll. Too much? Give me a minute.

The truth is Lamb Handler plays ROCK. Like rock and roll. No crazy or trendy or hyphenated subgenre, just good old ROCK. Okay, okay, on initial listen, the comparison to the aforementioned Posies seemed a little obvious, and I wanted to consider this a power pop record ( the songs also remind one of Super Deluxe, Redd Kross and NC’s own Judybats), but then power pop has always been a defender of the pure rock song. And there are 14 no fail pure rock songs on Lamb Handler’s debut CD with driving rhythms, undeniable hooks and rockstar performances that translate well through this studio effort. Not unlike Queens of the Stone Age, LH demonstrates their pop sensibilities with a not too obvious Black Sabbath and maybe Alice Cooper influence (Jack Frost). But please don’t be misled by my musical comparisons. These songs are all very original in their structures and do not imitate, but impress with some unexpected turns.

No track on this CD comes out as filler or a weak song, and neither do any of the performances by any of the players. Moe Lassiz vocals are flawless, and he makes every song sound like an attempt at seduction. Tim Benson’s drums have a fierceness that make a real statement. Brent Holland’s bass playing shows its own character in the songs, and the guitar work by Jay Fernandez is alternately heavy and playful. The songwriting is solid and the lyrics are sly, with songs like “Eskimo Cream Pie” and “As Smooth as You Need It” having a yeah baby, you know what I’m talkin’ about quality that a lot of bands just can’t seem to express well.

If there are singles here, the obvious tracks are “Shiver Me Timbers” and Eskimo Cream Pie”, which is not nearly the novelty song it sets itself up to be. Both tunes can currently be heard on the band’s My Space.

Get a copy of the CD. It will serve you well through the summer as a great one to play on the ride to the beach or at those late night open air parties. And see the band live if you get a chance!
- Amps 11

"Web Buzz"

According to “Eskimo Cream Pie,” the first song that plays on Lamb Handler’s MySpace page, “ice cream blows your mind out.” Despite the dis against such a sweet dessert, Lamb Handler is a local rock band that’s going places. Literally. Their calendar was jumping for the month of October: from The Milestone to Asheville, Chattanooga, Tenn. and Greenville, S.C. We should also mention their latest album Shepherds of Rock, was deemed by one critic (found in their convenient blogs) as a CD that might help save rock ‘n’ roll. ‘Nuff said - Creative Loafing

"Album/Show Review"

Shepherds of Rock by Lamb Handler
Rockin’ out for a little over a year but with the sound of a seasoned rock band. Their debut CD, “Shepherds of Rock,” was recorded at Zone Studios in Atlanta and evokes the sounds of Queens of the Stone Age, AC/DC, the early days of KISS, The Stooges and more. The live show from this North Carolina Quartet will have you strumming your air guitar, probably a little bit of ass shaking, and a whole lot of drinking. Mark calendars for their next Charleston appearance (September 29) when these guys will be taking the stage at Cumberland’s. Call yourself a cab that night and rock out with Lamb Handler. See ya there
- Graffiti Magazine

"Lamb Handler"

The past can weigh heavily, clanking around the ankles as it does. No more so than with a band. Do your thing in the local music scene for more than a few years, play in a couple of bands, and complacency sets in among folks unwilling to exert a little energy to give a new project a chance.
So it’d be a real shame for shoulder-shrug malaise to rear its head for Charlotte quartet Lamb Handler. Sure, the faces are familiar. Each member has been at it for a good ten years, counting past membership in some of the finest Charlotte heaviness proffered during the past decade. But this is total fresh turf.
“I know everyone says this, but I really think the stuff we’re doing now is different than anything we’ve done. Says drummer Tim Benson.
Yet, he speaks the truth.
Lamb Handler delivers catchy-as-hell, turbo-pop that’s practically danceable (in a, say, Queens of the Stone Age way), while keeping things interesting with plenty of melodic, vocal and arranging risk-taking (in a, say, Shudder To Think way). There’s more emphasis on hooks, dynamics and the simple good-time rock ‘n’ roll vibe (in a, say, Electric 6 way) than anything these guys have previously offered up.
“The guitar tones are definitely a hell of a lot different, that’s for sure,” says guitarist Jay Fernandez. “It’s more of a vintage-y sound, even though we don’t have vintage instruments. If that makes sense.”
Indeed, the guitars have ummpf and punch, over-driven but not abrasive, coolly controlled, not assault-all-ears. The interplay between Fernandez and singer guitarist Tony Buckner and bassist Brent Holland is a thing of beauty, with standard staccato riffing one minute, Mack truck power cording the next as Fernandez throws in all kinds of quirky fills and leads. Highlights include the funky swagger of “Sexual Chocolate,” the itchy trigger finger-ness of “Falling Face Forward,” and the fucked up Southwestern cowboy movie–feel opening of “Owed to You.”
With sonic treats this sweet and tasty, any find of original local rock would be foolish to overlook this band with the tired old “Yeah, I know what those guys are about…”
- Amps 11


Rock and Roll comes to Columbus on September 15 when North Carolina’s Lamb Handler and Tennessee’s Up With the Joneses tour hits SoHo. The two bands are doing multiple dates together this summer and tearing up the South East with high energy, southern stomp. Lamb Handler have been touring throughout 07 with such artists as the Willowz, Joe Buck, Bob Wayne and Veruca Salt. Promoting their debut release “The Shepherds of Rock” the album Amps 11 said “could not be more appropriately titled, even with the obvious pun, because this may be one of the albums that will help save rock and roll.” And the band has been called “some mystical hybrid of Queens of the Stone Age and Electric Six (with just a drop of Alice in Chains in the vocal-harmony department).” This is a party not to be missed if you love straight up R&R with no mixer. - Playground Magazine

"Jingle Jangle Review"

CD Review: Lamb Handler
Published 01.20.09
By Jeff Hahne

The Deal: Charlotte rockers release sophomore disc, Jingle Jangle, on Coma Gun Records.
The Good: With the opening riffs of "You Should Shut Your Mouth," Lamb Handler might sound rockabilly along the lines of Rev. Horton Heat, but by the time Moe Lassiz's vocals kick in, it sounds more like Queens of the Stone Age. The band finds a way to combine rock, punk, country, rockabilly, hints of pop sensibility and a down-and-dirty ethic into its own sound. The vocals are crisp, the mix is clean, but it's still the kind of music you want to hear when the beer is flowing, the smoke is thick and the lighting's dark. Hints of twang may appear from time to time – such as in the guitar of "Devil Dawg" – but the album has a solid rock foundation throughout its 16 tracks. I expected to find a handful of tossaway tracks, but there isn't a weak one in the bunch, and that includes a unique cover of Megadeth's "Peace Sells ... but Who's Buying." The band keeps the energy and sound intact from its first album, The Shepherds of Rock, but there's a step up in the quality of songwriting here.
The Bad: Too many people hesitate to give locals a chance, but these guys have put together an album that's better than a lot of the crap that sells out bigger venues.
The Verdict: The CD release party is being held on Jan. 23 at Snug Harbor – just the right venue for these guys to show off a fantastic new album. The songs show crafting that comes along with experience and plenty of hours on stage – the energy and enthusiasm you find in hundreds of garage bands without the "amateur hour" flavor or sounding like it was recorded on an old four-track.
- Creative Loafing


This North Carolina band, while owing a good deal to Queens of the Stone Age and Faith No More, are pretty catchy, have a style their own, and their debut album should probably be kept within reaching distance at a party. Mid-tempo rock made intense by Moe Lassiz engaging vocals and Jay Fernandez’s stoner-rock riffage. Choice cuts; “piled High”, Shiver me Timbers”, “Say it Likeus” and “Jack Frost”.

- Ear Damage

"Lamb Handler: The Shephers of Rock"

Here on Shepherds of Rock, Lamb Handler comes across as some mystical hybrid of Queens of the Stone Age and Electric Six (with just a drop of Alice in Chains in the vocal-harmony department). In addition to lead singer Moe Lassiz big-collared shirt and “I was a roadie for Speedwagon” moustache-aviators combo, Lamb Handler brings the retro-schmooze in force. By extension of the QOTSA reference, this band also sounds quite similar to Queens side-project Eagles of Death Metal. The thick guitars and pounding drums maintain fantastic riffs and Moe's high-pitched wail will leave you practicing your power-slide on the living room floor. All fourteen tracks on the album are surprisingly solid, standouts including “We Will Follow You” “Shiver Me Timbers” and the ever-necessary “Monsters of Rock” meets Baskin-Robbins glory of “Eskimo Cream Pie.” These guys get into their performance and if you give this record a shot, you will too. Matt Davis - The Village Idiot


Shepherds Of Rock 2007.
Jingle Jangle 2009 (coma gun records)



If Muddy Waters met Queens of the Stone Age, had a kid then Howlin' Wolf met the Dixie Dregs and had a kid... And by some miracle those kids got it on... well that union would be Lamb Handler...
Well, that's one opinion.
The NC based quartet Lamb Handler have been playing as a band since 2006 but spent several years prior in other groups developing their skills as musicians, performers and most of all songwriters. In the beginning singer/guitarist Moe Lassiz & guitarist Jay Fernandez wanted to start a project for songs they were working on that didn't fit into the band they were in at the time. The songs were more stripped down with no fat. Catchy, fast, danceable tunes that came in with a quick hook and were out before you knew what hit you.
After bringing in the rhythm team of Tim Benson on drums and Brent Holland on bass the four quickly realized Lamb Handler was what they had been working towards as writers and performers.

The debut record "The Shepherds of Rock" came out independently in 2007 and quickly became a favorite with those that like to drive fast with the windows down and music blasting. The band spent as much time playing live as they possibly could with no backing, completely DIY. In the year after the release Lamb Handler played shows with everyone from Bob Wayne, Joe Buck(HankIII) to Veruca Salt and The Willowz. Some of the shows with Joe Buck were very inspirational to the band and they ended up being influential to the next batch of songs that would become 2009's release "Jingle Jangle". The Lamb Handler catchy, melodic fierceness is still there but with a slight twang of southern rock or rockabilly.
After the release of Jingle Jangle in January of 2009 Lamb Handler hit the road playing everywhere, becoming a real bar band with the confidence of a road tested rock and roll machine. Playing shows with heroes like Electric Six, Joe Buck and Unknown Hinson and getting respect from such artists keep the boys going.
The ground work has been laid, the chops are sharpened and Lamb Handler are hungry…………..