Lame Drivers

Lame Drivers


Lame Drivers make vibrant, powerful, hook-laden rock tunes fused with primordial punk spirit.


"Hypocrites are not acceptable!"

Lame Drivers' motto could be summed up by this line from their new song "Change Your Mind". The song is about using surgery to go in to your mind. It's about changing the way that your mind perceives reality. This is also what Lame Drivers are about.

Lame Drivers love music, love freeform radio, and are sick of today's hyper-aware reactionary bullshit musicians and the corrupt independent music world (not to mention the corrupt mainstream and the corrupt world-at-lager). Lame Drivers are on a mission to play good music on their own terms.

Formed in Providence, RI in 2004, Lame Drivers are relocating to the NY/NJ area. Lame Drivers share members with Get Him Eat Him (Absolutely Kosher Records). Its members have also done time in bands including The Great Excape, The Blood Lemons, Forced Premise, ADSR, and 2nightmayorezzz.

Prime Husker Du and Guided by Voices, The Zeros, The Gizmos, The Clone Defects, The Capstan Shafts, Home Blitz

Shared the stage with:
Flipper, The Gossip, Vic Thrill & The Saturn Missile, We Are Wolves, The Fake Accents, Snake Apartment


Last Call For Violence

Written By: Jason Sigal

There's a man down in the street drawin boundaries and lines
kids covered him in tar
now they're kickin him all around

Last call for violence
last call for violence

He was fighting for the future
the results are yet unknown
better dig him outta the dirt now
to memorialize his bones

Protocalls of violence
the best cultures were violent

They got static in the jukebox
penetrating minds
after one can down
it's some "low grade" "serious shit"!
Last call for violence!

Where do you go?
when they occupy your soul
"bring them big shots home"
but you leave them out in the decomposing zone
come on kid, keep on kicking -- yeah!

I been following the path that'd been paved for me
riding my way
now we finally recline in victory
Who are the victims?
How we gonna get them home?

Used to call him a machine
He hit the deck without a wince
Put a quarter in his neck
But the jukebox wouldn't spin 'round
Last Call for Violence!

Where do you go?
When they occupy your soul
"Bring the big shots home"
But you leave them out in the decomposing zone
Turn the garden to flame and debris

[guitar solo]

last call for violence
the best cultures were violent

They say "come out in November"
"Everybody do your part"
But you couldn't raise a muscle/
You were buried in a fort of doom!

Last call for violence x3
Go ahead, ring the bell, all across the land
and sing "Yeah!"
and sing yeah, yeah, yeah

last call for violence
last call for violence
last call for violence
last call for violence


*This is Practice Until I Say It's For Real (Jason Sigal solo demos)

*Captain Amazing cdr
*Tapeworms Eat Bookworms (song on Not Not Fun Records compilation)

*They Expand cdr
*Rock Out With Your Tail out (song on benefit compilation for Providence Animal Rescue League)
*The Captain Amazing reissue (75 or Less Records)

*Not About the Buildings (song on compilation to benefit Providence Public Libraries)
*Let Them Eat Tape (forthcoming release on Less Cock More Rock)


-KDVS (Davis, CA)
-WPRB (Princeton, NJ)
-WMBR (Boston, MA)
-WBSR (Providence, RI)

-Smudge of Ashen Fluff
-Largehearted Boy
-LimeWire Music Blog
-Music Slut

Set List

30-45 minutes, 10-12 songs, all original with the occasional cover