Dallas, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

It old school hip hop mixed urban neyo soul each song has a message with my story telling like music in the 90s use to sound simular to Slick Rick, Will Smith, Tu pac and Biggie my music is very diverse and can be marketed on any coast or country it feel good music that everyone can relate to.


Christopher Lameke Black, p.k.a. "La", is a hip-hop artist ready to take the world by storm. Lameke was born in Long Island, N.Y. and was constantly moving back and forth from Dallas to NYC since the age of 8. He has always been around great music his entire life, from his grandfather who played and sang with The Solitaires, to his Godfather Flavor Flav who is a reality TV star and hype man for the iconic group Public Enemy. La always had a passion for music and entertainment as a whole, but wanted to have his own label and be behind the scenes. Doing what he loves most, he formed a group of about 8 guys from NYC and moved them all to Dallas, TX to get them out of their distractions and focus on the label. Eventually, he seen that not every group member was on the same page at the time so we eventually parted ways. Still wanting to live his dreams, he took jobs here and there from different record labels trying to find his footing. Then one day he received a call from Flavor Flav asking if he would like to be his road manager/personal assistant. Without a eyes wink he accepted and was on the next flight to California. Still not feeling complete, he would take tracks producers would send Flav and write his own songs to them as a hobby. One day Flav overheard La rhyming to a song he wrote and said, "Godsun, your rhymes have meaning. You sounding like you could be the next Kanye West". Without hesitation, he went to Flavor Flav's and Public Enemy's manager to rhyme for him and he said, "where did that come from, I wasn't expecting something that good. You are a very versatile artist". Flavor and his manager both agreed that La shouldn't be road manager but should be a M.C. instead. Now Lameke is here and ready to go. La is very creative and lets the track bring the rhymes out of him. "Everything I write to, I can see a video for. Music helps my artistic vision". He is currently preparing himself to be an opening act for Public Enemy on their overseas tour. Also follow me on


My first single that is released and getting radio play is titled Here We Go AGAIN

Set List

I have 15 song that can be done my sets can last up to 1hr and 30min or shorter what ever the venue requires it can be done!