Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Smooth, sophisticated and heartfelt music from the soul based in the R&B and Gospel traditions


Lami Garber is a classically trained pianist and vocalist living and working in the NYC metropolitan area


A Broken Man

Written By: Lami Garber

A Broken Man
Music and Lyrics
Lami Garber

Here I stand
Come rescue me from danger
Take my hand
To me you are no stranger
Lead me to
Wherever you are
I am a broken man
Here I stand

Verse 1
Fear and disappointment
Around me at every turn
Lost, alone and empty
Count this a lesson learned

Reach my hands to heaven
Won’t you shelter me
From this stormy weather
Control my destiny

Pick up all the pieces
Of my life and fix me
Put me back together until I’m strong
Hold on til the morning
Until I see the dawn
Lord God you sustain me
All day long

Verse 2
(Though) tears fall down my face like
Rain on a summer day
Lord I know that you’ll be
Here with me always

Never will forsake me
Lift me when I fall
And though my heart is broken
I praise you as my all in all

(To Bridge)

© 2009