Lampirônicos is a group from Bahia - Brasil, that brings in your sound elements from the northest like xotes, baiões and carnaval, interfacing with samplers, rock drums, afro-beats and the singular sound of zabumba and guitarra baiana.


The word Lampirônicos is not simply a junction of the words “Lampião” and “Electronicos”. It is also an attempt to express the necessity of interaction between tradition and modernity. Lampião is a rustic tool of illumination, in other words, it’s an oil lamp which is used in the remotest regions of Brazil. The word Lampirônicos means something like a rustic illumination tool which is now combined with contemporary technology; such idea represents the music of the band, which tries to unite sonorous and ideological elements of both of these worlds regardless of its chronological distance.
The group has been on the road for approximately six years and is composed by Vince de Mira (voice), Mangaio (programmings and samplers), Robertinho Barreto (guitar), Emanuel Venâncio (drums), Marcelo Seco (bass) and Robson de Almeida (percussion). Lampirônicos unites the regionalism of street sambas, xotes, baiões and batuques and rock, programming and samples, afro beats, mantras and punctuations of chula in the characteristic guitar of Bahia. All these elements are combined with lyrics that speak of the daily life in Brazil.
The group became known in the country through its first CD, “Que luz é essa?” launched in Brazil through Epic, from Sony Music and through VIP, in Europe. The record was produced by Paulo Rafael and Carlinhos Brown, with special contribution of Dominguinhos and Alceu Valença.
In 2004, Lampirônicos launched its second album, intitled “Toda Prece”, which was nationally distributed by Trama. The work counted on the participation of respected musicians such as: Paulo Rafael and Marcos Suzano, as well as with that of Rebeca Matta, on the number “Cada macaco no seu galho”, providing an unusual arrangement of the classic, which was composed by samba maker from Bahia, Riachão. Among the other numbers “Aportô Bananeira” and “Toda Prece” have had outstanding reactions by the public.

Throughout the years, the group has added to its journey participation in great events and concerts in Brazil as well as in Europe. The presentations in the Brazilian Summer Festival, the first festival of Brazilian music in London, the Sfinks Festival (Belgium), the Festival Afro Brazil (Tübingen, Germany) and in the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland) are examples of some of the international events that Lampirônicos performed.
In October of 2005, Lampirônicos was part of the project “Disco de Ouro” of Sesc Pompéia, in a show which was dedicated to the record “Acabou Chorare”, by Novos Baianos. In this show, the musicians of Lampirônicos interacted on stage with prestigious names of Brazilian music, such as: Luis Melodia, Elza Soares, Baby do Brasil and Orquestra Mantiqueira.
The group new álbum “Caia na Madrugada” was recorded in the studio of the band, the Audiolab and will be launched by its own independent stamp, Maquinário Records. Now the group is touring all over the country with the show “Caia na Madrugada”.Another important work was developed in the Ateliê de Coreógrafos, where Lampirônicos made the musical direction of the Húmus spectacle, directed for Márcia Duarte, from Brasilia. Beyond conceiving the track, Lampirônicos performed live as part of the show.
From its musical diversity, Lampirônicos came to conceive the multimedia project “Terreiro (Place of fetichism) Circular”, where the band has had the chance of interacting with artists from different fields, such as video and art. Traditionally, Lampirônicos is the attraction to open the events produced by the project, sharing the stage with local and intra-national independent attractions. Davi Moraes (Rio de Janeiro), Rebeca Matta and Mariella Santiago (Bahia), Cabruêra (Paraíba) and Bonsucesso Samba Clube and Siba (Pernambuco), La Caution (France) are examples of groups and artists whom have participated in the project. The project has been achieving special attention in the independent scene of Salvador, having been invited to participate of the Cultural Market VII, which happened in last December. The Cultural Market VII is associated with the World Cultural Fórum, which has taken place in Rio de Janeiro.


Que Luz é Essa? (Sony Music - 2001)
Toda Prece (Trama 2004)
Caia na Madrugada (Maquinário - 2007)

Set List

The Group play basicly the repertorie of your three álbuns, and also come covers of artists like, Carlinhos Brown, Gerônimo, Alceu Valença and others brasilian artits