"Highly original, defying easy categorization, Lamplight illuminates a vibrant new trend in the Australian contemporary music scene." “an intense journey that was part sea-shanty, part thrash, part croon and completely f-----g breathtaking.” -Beat Magazine (Melb, Australia)


This independent Melbourne ‘alt-rock-orchestra’ has been working their way into the collective consciousness of music-lovers in Melbourne and all over the country for the past six years and more recently in Europe too. They have accrued the respect and adoration of music lovers all over for their incendiary live shows. Ranging from the intimate and gently delivered prose in music that will leave you wondering where you just went, to the enlivening, bombastic chant anthems, enough to start any mild riot.

Lamplight has had the pleasure of performing with some of its most promising contemporaries, including: Gotye, Clare Bowditch, Soko, The Lucksmiths, Jordie Lane, The Audrey’s, Skipping Girl Vinegar, Blue Bottle Kiss, Love outside Andromeda, Carus and the True Believers, Eva Popov, and Young Werther, among many others.

In the last few years, Lamplight have been added to festival line-ups around the country, including: Peats Ridge Festival, Folk Rhythm and Life, Maitreya, SOS and Green Day Out and also to festivals in Belgium, Germany and Iceland.

Award-winning filmmaker Adam Arkapaw sought out Lamplight to provide the soundtrack to his short film That Blackbird, which received much acclaim at its screenings. They subsequently collaborated on other projects, including the film clip for Lamplight’s first single, Sunlight.

Radio stations took to this single release off their debut album The Fish Will Walk…, receiving rotation on Melbourne’s community radio as well as on local radio stations across the land. Following this 2005 release, Lamplight undertook 2 national tours to expand their listener-ship and received warm responses across the board.

In early 2008, Lamplight recorded their sophomore album, from which the first single Ship in a Bottle was released. The song quickly achieved #1 status on the Triple J Unearthed Indie chart, and Lamplight were chosen as Feature Artists in early April. The launch of this album at Melbourne’s Northcote Social Club sold out on the night, and received an energetic audience response, and rave reviews. The film clip for Ship in a Bottle, created by Belinda Wiltshire, members of Lamplight, and filmmaker Campbell Hynam-Smith, was chosen as Indie Clip of the Week, has been played on several Rage shows, and was honoured as one of Rage’s Best Clips of 2008.

Other honours from individual reviewers for 2008 included Drum Mag (Syd) - #1 Best album of 2008, Drum Mag (Syd) - #2 Best gig of 2008, Drum Mag (Syd) #2 Band of 2008 and Beat Mag (Melb) - #2 Best gig of 2008. Lamplight received all these accolades ahead of the likes of the hugely popular Fleet Foxes and others.

Also in the first part of 2008, the band made a cameo appearance in a feature film titled Belladonna, by Glass Kingdom Films. Three of the songs from their second album are featured in the movie and on the soundtrack, alongside songs by Bobby Flynn.

The band toured nationally in June and July of 2008, and internationally to Europe in September and October 2008 after being accepted as part of the showcase for international industry conference Popkomm in Berlin. Other shows include performances both as part of Gotye’s touring band, and with their own schedule of gigs in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Iceland.

The release of the second single from Lamplight’s self-titled album is scheduled for June 2009, and a national tour is being organised around this release. Belladonna filmmaker Annika Glac has produced the film clip for A Sun That Will Not Rise, which will be released simultaneously. The radio edit has also been remixed by Franc Tetaz (Gotye, New Buffalo, Architecture in Helsinki). National publicity and radio airplay will be generated for this release and tour, helping to place Lamplight’s rich sound into the ears, hearts and minds of many more music lovers.

Thanks for your interest. Love, Lamplight



Written By: Kirsty Morphett

All the time I sit by
Holding my breath a while
Silence breaks a storm
I sit silently,
Soak up the raindrops
Wait till the dust settles
And there is the sunlight

I see you sitting there
Holding the weight of care
Feeling as small as me
Look over here, love
My mind is holding you
And you wan weight a while
Soon will be sunlight

Breath deep, worlds will collide
In this storm
No one binds you to your world
But only you
Find me… silently…


I know as well as you
But maybe… maybe you
Don’t trust it, but I do

Wait a little while,
Just hold that smile
All will come with time
Time is telling us
Wait till the dust …
And there is the the sunlight

…There is the sunlight…

Ship in a bottle

Written By: Mijo Biscan

Ship in a bottle:
A ship in a bottle floating on the high seas..Carried by the current and carried by today’s current breeze..This artificial wave creator, a maker of the ghastly gust..Caster of the bottles, the bottle of your ghastly cast….And then one day your bottles will fill the sea..With toppled tiny ships and sinking shards of sharp debris….This avaricious bottle heaver will soon come to understand..That a million men build their million ships right there on the sand..And one one day these ships will be lowered large and large in the water..Made by the hands and the dreams of the men who think and think they aught’a….And our winds will prevail filling our hand made sails..We’ll contemplating which color is your favourite on while we head for the ever…ever setting sun

A sun that will not rise

Written By: Mijo Biscan

A sun that will not rise
Access denied and no bites on your line.
It's an obstruction that will not clear.
An unhealing bruise.
It's a beauty you try to hold, but it always seems to slip through.

It's no clues at the scene
An uneventful dream
An unbreaking drought
An inocent man that will never get out.

It's your baby that will not birth
It's the aimless wandering when you carry a curse
It's a ship that sails on by
When your flares and your matches are wet
And your mirror is broken, you'd better get used to it

It's no clues at the scene
An uneventful dream
An unbreaking drought
An inocent man that will never get out.

It's body failure on the mount
And don't it make ya, wanna scream and shout
It's a cramp in deep water
Doin' none of the things you aughta
A snooker, a great wall
Don't it make you want to end it all?

You're in quick sand up to your neck
With the ceaseless waring of great enemies in your chest
With a mind that will not do
The things you want it do
You beg to the heavens
But they do not listen to the likes of you.

It's no clues at the scene
An uneventful dream
An unbreaking drought
An inocent man that will never get out.
It's no clues at the scene
An uneventful dream
An unbreaking drought
An inocent man that will never get out.


Lamplight - Lamplight
8 Song LP

The Fish Will Walk...
7 Song Debut Album

Lamplight - Live at The Corner
4 Song EP

Set List

We play only original music.

Here are some of our songs:
Attack the sun
Biff loman
Birth of a new world
For greg
Image house
Long time
Mole in the hole
My own hand
One piece to you, one piece to me
Ship in a bottle
Shroud the sun
Sombre days
Southern wall shadow
Swallowing the key (Steerin' over the cliff)
The time is now
Who's got who?
You can't domesticate a dingo