Ridiculous pounding bass-lines, debauchery at the highest level on drums; and effortless guitar lines bordering on the obscene. Tight reggae inspired rock, unique chord progressions and riff driven songs, and a well of caustic energy inspired improv.


"LA MSV" was born in August of 2006 when Guitarist and lead vocalist J.P. Vargas, teamed up with Bassist Steve Mongrain and Drummer Dylan Strazar; in what would be a passionate, energy driven, and all consuming musical collaboration. In this short time they have managed to create an infectious sound that seems to have transcended many genres including Improvisational Rock, Reggae, and it even seems to touch on implements of jazz. Their sound is miasmic, heart pumping; rising and falling, breeching musical convention and plateaus. That always seems to get the crowd moving. Its not surprising to see "LA MSV" bring an entire venue to the dance floor.
Their polyphonic sound makes for one hell of a good time, regardless of where, when, and why they take the stage. They bring it hard every night. They disappoint no one.


Label: Melody-Zero
Current Status: Nearing Completion
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Set List

Our setlists consist of original material. Although we have a staple of covers at our disposal; ranging from the Beatles to the Clash. Our set times depend on many variables ie: Are there other bands on the bill?, How many set breaks does the venue owner allow, and for how long? All in all La MSV can play a nonstop 4 plus hour set, consisting of original and covered material.