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Why Lament

Written By: LanaRose {Russell}

Why did we crucify the best one we had, Why does the good sometimes turn bad, Why are those birds flying south every year, Why is it some have more burdens to bare, Why do we cause our own suffering so much, Why are those rich ones so hard to touch, why does my heart feel somethings not there, why does fragile mean handle with care....tell me why oh my lord tell me why, I just need to know lord..oh tell me why.....why Why does the happy sing from the heart, why is that horse in front of that cart and why can't we admit when we know that we're wrong and why isn' tpoetry always a song...tell me why oh my lord tell me why....I just need to know lord...oh tell me why...yes Jesus I need to know's a little confusing down here....come on back now !!!