BandHip Hop

Its live, true, refreshing, and motivational for all the street males & females in the states, Not to graphic but straight to the point. The street credit is there and it is present and people can feel and relate to.


Born in California traveled state to state

The music speaks for it self
Lance-A-Million is a solo artist and stays active independent. Has been goin hard since 1999.

Droping his first Lp The Choppaz Loaded in 2001 fallowing up his older brother 3rd eye succsessful album The Storm is Brewing. Locally established in 2002 and on his rise to the top in the city.

Free Written another Lp Released in 2005 was one of the most talked about albums released in that summer.
Goin State to state doin shows goin on the road Lance-A-Million is one of the most unique and most down to earth artist you can meet. With his west coast swag and his southern speach its a perfect blend for the new scene of hip-hop.

Currently working on new Lp expecting (summer 2007)


What it is
Go Shawty
Club Freak
No Hands Feat. Suave (Exclusive)

Choppaz Loaded 2001
Free Written 2005
Fruity Pebbles (Summer) 2007
Trap Money (Late) 2007

Set List

One set

Fruity Fruity
Drunk Like Me
Never Look Back
I Dont Care
Club Freak

25-30 Mins