Lance Benson

Lance Benson


Lance's 2002 release "gestures" is an album with a strong lyrical focus, melodic folk-rock grooves, carefully articulated instumentation,and insightful narrative.


Lance Benson has been writing and performing songs since he was 16. He played coffee houses in his hometown of Bemidji, MN until 1998 when he moved to Minneapolis and began touring the Mid-west on weekends while completing a degree in electronics at Dunwoody Institute. When finished with school in 2001, Lance decided to put his passion first and began touring full time and pursuing music as his career.


1998- M.E.
1999- What to Say
2000- World to Me
2002- Gestures

Set List

While on tour, Lance usually doesn't use a set list. His performance consisits of two 45 minute sets, all with original material.

A recent tour with drummer Mark Bradley saw this set list:

Crazy Ways
One Thing
Where I Belong
Miles Around
Be Like This
Every Day
Name & Number

World To Me
Little Angel
Mr. Williams
The Painter
Angie's Lullaby
You & Me
Truch can be Seen

Beast in Me by Martin Sexton