Lance Benson

Lance Benson


James Taylor jamming with John Mayer, who happend to tour with Martin Sexton whose album was mixed by John Alagia who also mixes Dave Matthews. Stir these fine artist together, and I'm somewhere inbetween.


Lance Benson has been pouring his emotions, thoughts, and soul into his music since the early age of 15. Now at the age of 27 Lance says that although his music career has exceeded all expectations he has no plans of stopping now. His songs have been created through personal experiences and observations of the world around him. Benson's inspiration arises from the common bond he creates between his listeners and himself. His greatest satisfaction is from the feedback of listeners that have personally related to his music. 2007 brought a new years resolution for Lance, to release a new album!! Lance's new album captures the full band sound, with many broke down songs as well. "I made a rule when I was in the studio, no electric guitars! It was tempting but I stuck to the plan. I wanted this effort to be a rollercoaster, to have a four piece band on a song then break it down to just me and my guitar, then the next one maybe have a shaker, and build from there. Take the listener on a ride with highs & lows. We captured exactly what I was looking for."


1998 m.e.
1999 what to say
2000 world to me
2002 gestures
2007 mornings & afternoons

Set List

Set list varies from show to show, Lance performs all original music from his albums.