The Medicine Men

The Medicine Men


Jump blues with jazz influnced R&B Funk. I have had the privilege of working as H-Bomb Ferguson's guitarist for the last 10 years until he passed away. Very strong rythm influnced blues band.


"The Medicine Men have performed as the back up band for the late Robert "H-Bomb" Ferguson for over the past 20 years. Although the personal have changed over the many years H-Bomb's philosophy "Make People Happy" has been the driving force in the success of this band.

The Medicine Men's music cover various styles including Blues, R&B, Funk and Jazz that is delivered with a unique flavor that is guaranteed to keep you feet tapping or keep you on the dance floor.

The Medicine Men are:

Lance Boyd, Lead vocal and Guitar, Medicine Man since 1995. Has performed in the Philippines, Guam, England, and through out the continental US with various bands since 1970.

Oscar French Back up vocal and drums Medicine Man since 2000. Has over 25 years as a professional musician. Has performed with international recording artists Alice Hoskins and Sonny Hill.

Tony Nasser, Back up vocal and Bass. Medicine Man since 2006. Has over 25 years as a professional musician. Has performed with regional artist Hot Wax, and various other top bands regionally.

Butch Yates, Back up vocal and Tenor Saxophone. Butch performed with H-Bomb Ferguson in 1960's for a while. He has also performed with international artists such as Ray Charles and Ike and Tina Turner. Butch returned to H-Bombs group in 2005.

"The house, or should I say the barn, was really rockin' all night to the bluesy groove of The Medicine Men. H-Bomb would of been proud" Rabbit Hash Barn dance review.

"The Medicine Men are the real deal, I really like these guys" Gary Burbank 700wlw radio personality and nationally syndicated artist

If you love having a good time, love dancing and love good music then you can't help but love The Medicine Men
The Medicine Men Mission statement is "Make People Happy"



Set List

3-1 hour sets with 30minute breaks.

The Cincinnati Blues
A Little Somthing
Why Do You Treat me so Bad
Tore Down
Down Home Blues
Red House
Funky Mama
Very wide range of songs