Lance Christopher

Lance Christopher

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Earthy, lyrical, and honest. "Lance Christopher is a great performer. His artful songs and versatile voice are absolutely riveting." writes Nathan Andrews, Mill Pond Music Festival.


"His sound, but more intimate: His performances often strip down to mandolin, acoustic guitar, and bass, in spare productions that recall Rick Rubin's work with Johnny Cash. In these settings, his voice holds the spotlight: It is conversational yet elastic, masculine yet delicately textured, in the fashion of early Merle Haggard."

--Robert L. Doerschuk, "Artists In The Limelight" A&R Registry, May/June 2006

"There is a truth and sincerity in Lance’s music that is very rare. Heartfelt emotions are projected into every song. What’s special about this talented singer/songwriter is that… you don’t only hear him, you believe him!

The songs are based upon the simple principles of honest living, in both the good times and the bad. His genuine, good-hearted spirit reaches far beyond his music… it’s evident to all he comes in contact with! I know that he will be (and already is) a blessing to many!"

--Amber Patterson, HMG Nashville, Power Source Inc.

"When I listen to music, I like songs that stand out because they are different than the same ole stuff on the pile. (Lance's music)...has a funky factor to it that is unlike anything on the radio... Left me wanting more!"

-- Keith Allen, Midwest Country Music Director, The Moose 94.5, Saginaw, MI

“Lyrical honesty... Obvious talent!”

-- George Peden, music critic for

“Remarkable talent!”

-- Steve Ekblad, music critic for


Lance Christopher’s music is driven by an earthy blend of traditional sound and pop sensibilities. His songs are carried by rich imagery, supple vocals, and unforgettable melodies.

Dennis VanHove speaking on behalf of indie label Torn Sky Records said of him, "Lance Christopher is simply a great artist. He has been a minister... A soldier... A businessman... Well, let’s just say he’s lived a lot, and through it all he has always been a songwriter.

I think it is his realness and connectedness to the people around him that makes his art so accessible. Lance just genuinely loves people and welcomes the opportunity to bring them into his creative world. We are excited to be a part of sharing what he does with audiences the world over!"


I asked him about what influenced his unique brand of music, and he had this to say, “I have always loved vivid lyrics and great melodies. Singer/Songwriters like Johnny Cash... Roger Miller... Jim Croce... Neil Diamond... As a kid, I used to listen to their songs and just get lost in them. Their music resonated with life in all its highs and lows. I was a teenager in Hawaii, and back then I bought a cheap guitar because it looked cool and was a lot more portable than a keyboard, and I started writing songs.

At that time, I was working part time at the Camp Smith riding stables. I would clean out the stalls so I could ride the trails. The music they played around the barn and tack room was a mix of Alabama, Hank Williams, Jr., and VanHalen. So, I had this cool fusion of country, pop, and rock all bottled up inside of me.

When I was strumming my guitar, I never thought about the kind of songs I was writing... I just sat there on the beach or under a tree and let the songs come out the way that felt best. To this day, I believe the song is king, and I try to let the song go where it feels right.”


Lance's father, Earl, was career navy and Lance had this to say about his childhood, "I was a bona fide navy brat. I lived on military bases all over. We really did move a lot, but music was a constant. My mama sang all the time, and she had a song for every occasion... She still does!

On my father's side, it was mountain music. He loved to sing the old songs from his child hood in Alabama and Tennessee. The lyrics to those songs would have the whole family laughing and dancing.

Although my dad is a huge bluegrass fan, he also had music by folks like the Beach Boys, ABBA, and Roger Whitaker. When he would get home from being out at sea, he always brought back a couple of new albums. He would unload his big sea bag and I would quietly make off with them. I guess somehow it made me feel connected to him. I remember sitting cross-legged on my bedroom floor listening to his music over and over.”


A creative singer/songwriter, Lance has played everything from rodeos, churches, bars, and prisons to festivals, back porches and more.

He has shared his talent both in the US and abroad.

His recent tour to Japan was a special blessing, and he has even travelled to Russia playing to large crowds in Kazan, in the Muslim Autonomous Region of Tartarstan. While there he received a special invitation to share with the inmates of the main prison in Kazan.

Lance said, "That



RE-CONSTRUCTION (01/01/2007)

An acoustic collection of songs that tell what Lance Christopher discovered about God in the hard places.

SAVED BY A WOMAN (01/01/05)

Lance Christopher's debut release on Torn Sky Records

Set List

60/40 mix of originals and covers.