Lance Rowland

Lance Rowland


Lance Rowland combines guitar-driven hooks with intelligent lyrics to compose memorable songs that linger long after the music stops. Lance embodies the persona of the modern day singer/songwriter, while channeling the spirits of those who set the standards.


Influenced by the likes of Springsteen and Elvis Costello, Lance Rowland demonstrates a strong sense of song-craftsmanship. His writing skills are complimented by a unique voice that sets him apart from the pack.
Lance performs as a solo-acoustic performer and occassionally with a full band in and around the Tampa Bay area.


70's Radio

Written By: Lance Rowland

You're sometimes pop
Sometimes soul
Sometimes disco
But you're always rock n' roll

You're like 70's Radio
70's Radio
70's Radio

You get so loud
Then you bring it down low
So contained
Then you lose control

Just like 70's Radio
70's Radio
70's Radio

Repeat 1st Verse

Pictures of Angels

Written By: Lance Rowland

She loves pictures of angels
And laughing in the rain
But he always plays the devil
Inflicting so much pain

She only knows forgiveness
But she's always been that way
Her head tells her to leave him
But her heart won't walk away

Baby's going down
She takes a hit
And hits the ground
She won't be hanging around
This place for long

She hates the day he found her
The day she let him in
But now there's no escaping
Because he's underneath her skin
Deep inside her skin


She stares outside her window
Swares today she'll make a change
But abuse becomes addiction
When you're living off the rage
Feeding on the rage



The 70's Radio EP (2006)
*AN A.I.M.S. (Alliance of Independent Media Stores) featured CD of the month for September 2006.
Stores include Vinyl Fever (Tampa), Criminal Records (Atlanta), & Grimey's (Nashville).

Set List

In Between
Perfect Disorder
Miss You Tonight
Pictures of Angels
Seventh Avenue
Another Long Night
Nuclear (Ryan Adams Cover)
Goodbye for Now
70's Radio