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Lance Sitton

Springfield, Missouri, United States | INDIE

Springfield, Missouri, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Album Review: Big Outside, by The Seed"

Props to The Seed for releasing the nastiest (in a good way), funkiest, most groove-laden album of 2009 to date. Seriously. Big Outside absolutely jams, and we don’t say that glibly.

The band has had a full year to perfect its product while it saved up the money for cd pressing, and it appears to be time well spent. Drummer Rico Samuel is on fire behind his drum kit, laying one thick groove morsel after another while bassist Thom Gibson keeps pace. For his part, singer and guitarist Lance Sitton ably mixes the stutter-strumming of reggae with that of a campfire torch song while gently laying down vocals with subtle but palpable soul. While songs such as longtime Seed standard “Friday” reflect the group’s peaceful nature and desire to have fun, it’s songs such as the gorgeous and compelling “She Chose” that prove the band can move much more than your hips. “Middle Ground” showcases a sweeter, more personal side of the band’s emotional pull, as well. There’s enough head-slamming (nodding is far too kind) groove here to satisfy even the less cuddly types, though, no matter how touching the lyrics may try to be.

Harnessing all that funk takes a full, rich recording, and Engaged Audio certainly provided that. The studio captures the band at full force, making every song sound as expansive as the album title suggests. In all, Big Outside hits the ear like the soundtrack to a float trip and riverside cookout: relaxing, vibrant and utterly burdenless. It’s an album-long love song to a life less stressful. Chill out, love life and let it take you where it may… and listen to this record while you do it.


"Band of the Week: The Seed"

Spring in the Ozarks is here and The Seed just made a nice soundtrack for it. It’s called “Big Outside” and there’s a CD release show on April 3 at The Outland Ballroom. If you ever liked a Sublime or Jack Johnson song I would recommend "Big Outside" highly. Singer/songwriter Lance Sitton sounds on par with Jack Johnson to me, especially on the Dylan-esque progression of “Friday.” And he’s backed by one of the more competent rhythm sections in town. What’s not to like?

About the show:

The Seed CD release show

With Jam Room and SeedLove
Where: The Outland Ballroom
When: April 3, 9 p.m.
Price: $5

All ages

Interview with singer/songwriter/guitarist Lance Sitton:

Where do you guys record your music? The production always sounds great.
Lance Sitton: Thanks, I actually lived in Houston for two years, and after traveling to India and Belize, recorded “Life.Love.Travel." EP in Austin, Texas at One Road Studio. We recorded “Big Outside” here in town at Engaged Audio with Kevin Gates.

What song on the CD are you most proud of?
LS: From the new album, probably "Friday". I got fired from Mama Jean’s and came home and wrote it pretty quick. Just had something to say, you know? On “Life.Love.Travel.”, probably "Wonderful Things" was a prayer I wrote in Belize. It means a lot to me.

I read that your song “Good Times” is going to be distributed in Europe. How did they hear about you guys?
LS: I’m not a 100 percent positive because I have submitted that song to a lot of things. I got a call one morning, waking me up around 11 a.m. and it was the agency in Europe wanting to use “Good Times” as a default song on 1.4 million MP3 players. A nice blessing, I thought.

I think the Springfield reggae/jam band scene has a great number of bands for a city our size. Do a lot of people outside of Springfield look to us as some kind of beacon?

LS: Yeah, I think they do. People are probably thinkin’, "Whats going on in Springfield?" I think the culture in Springfield has finally accepted where they are and have begun to see how enjoyable it is here. It’s not a coast city or even a big city, but it has a natural beauty and a stillness that isn’t found in many places. Life is simple here. At least that’s what I’ve begun to see.

I heard that your brother plays basketball in Iceland. Think you guys will tour there someday?
LS: Yep, my brother Heath played in Iceland this year. He played in Ireland last year and I actually got to visit him there for two weeks. Don’t think we will tour Iceland, he said it’s too cold for hippie music. We will tour Europe, though.

Who are some of your favorite Springfield bands?
LS: Jam Room, Jah Roots, Ben Miller Band, Sweetwater Abilene, The Verbs, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

What's your favorite type of seed?
LS: Apple.

What's your dream job?
LS: To be a musician, pro-rock climber, or surfer ... travel the world and get paid for it. I’m workin’ on it.

Nightmare job?
LS: Wal-Mart...or any job.

What are your top 5 albums of all time?
LS: 10ft Ganja Plant – “Presents”

John Browns Body -- “Spirits All Around Us”

Jack Johnson -- “Brushfire Fairytales”

The Beautiful Girls – “Learn Yourself”

The Beatles – “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band”

Where's your favorite place to get sushi in Springfield?
LS: Mijuri's. The lady and me love it.

Favorite weekend night destination?
LS: Thom’s house, chillin’ with the band, or Lindbergs.



Lance Sitton - A Part of This -EP 2013
-Debuted at #3 Itunes

Lance Sitton & The Seed -Spread the Word -LP 2012
-Debuted at #14 Itunes

The Seed - A Better Way -LP 2011
The Seed - Big Outside -LP 2009
Lance Sitton - Life.Love.Travel -EP 2007



Lance Sitton is a Roots. Rock. Reggae act from Springfield, MO. Perfecting song writing and melodies since 2007. Known for bringing good vibes and a good time to any show.

Our influences include Jack Johnson, The Beautiful Girls, Bob Marley, John Brown's Body, Ben Harper and more. Our list of national touring acts we have played with includes Junior Marvin (Bob Marley & the Wailers), The Green, Mishka, Jboog, Cas Haley, Josh Heinrichs, Jah Roots, 77 Jefferson, The Schwag, Echo Movement and SOJA.