Lance Whalen

Lance Whalen

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

It will all come back to you. All the love, all the time, everything…In his second album, he brings us closer to the love we all lost…and helps us find it again. Haunting words from his lips carry their story and make it ours…


Lance Whalen doesn’t immediately command the room. He could, certainly, with his tall, dark good looks and distinctive sideburns, but that’s not really his style. He’s essentially a strategist. He’d rather sneak up on the room from behind, suss it out, get a bead on the psychological landscape, and stake out the strongholds and the weak spots. Then he can conquer with a wink instead of a yell. Not unlike a good general, only with a better sense of humor.

Like any good strategist, Lance Whalen plays it fairly close to the vest. He doesn’t give up any more than he has to. He can be outgoing and effervescent (the acting background comes in handy here), or he can be secretive and moody. Sometimes he can be all of those things at the same time. You can probe him a little, and he’ll be polite about it, but you’re more apt to find what you’re looking for in the songs. That’s why he writes them.

Lance readily admits a fascination with what he calls the “off-kilter villain,” the kind of guy Christopher Walken would play. Musical heroes include Tom Waits and Nick Cave, and Albert Camus is a favorite author. Sure, he’s got some melancholy in him. Life happens, even when you’re young. But he’s got plenty of optimism, too – opportunity awaits around every corner. Life, love, and loss are all a part of the picture, but that doesn’t mean the brush strokes can’t rock!

A technician/instructor for the National Guitar Workshop, his past musical incarnations include a stint with post-punk rockers The Reluctant, Big Hang (better known as the all-Elvis impersonator band), and more recently, Starboxer. A recent transplant to Nashville, Lance is a frequent performer at various clubs and cafes around town, and continues to perform regularly in his college town of Lexington, Kentucky.

Lance Whalen’s debut album is She’s Not Coming Tonight. A limited edition 7” vinyl split with Andrew English is also available.
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life aint fair (baby baby)

Written By: lance whalen

Baby baby i've been thinking about what you said
Tossing and turning like a turbine twisting up the sheets in my bed
Pondering those wicked lies
And how we sent our friends as spies
And how you say you don't love me like that anymore.
Baby Baby i've been around too long
You cut me deep when you say that you must be moving on
I'm your cadet that fell out of line
I'm your drummer who lost the time
Bartender - one more glass of wine
cause life aint fair tonight

In my mind i can see your sparsely decorated room
And the man who takes up the space and congregates
With that woman that i once knew so well
I see him touching your powder white face
How did you let him take my place
And do all those things i used to do for you?
Baby Baby I've been around too long
You cut me deep when you say that you must be moving on
I'm your boots that would not shine
I'm a little taste of turpintine
Bartender - one more glass of wine
because life aint fair tonight

I've got all the good friends that a man could ever want or even hope for
But even they cannot help me burn these loveletters that are haunting my top dresser drawer
Just ask your pussycat
He and I well we used to chat
And purrr while you shower I play connect the dots with my eyes betwixt your birth marks
Baby baby I've been around too long
You cut me deep when you say that you must be moving on
I'm your mattress infested with lice
I'm your smoldering sacrifice
Its peculiar how love turns from affection into despise
no life aint fair tonight

Deep Space Virgin Sky

Written By: lance whalen

We talk about New York city
Those lights are so bright and those fashion girls are pretty
Not to mention drugs from the thugs at any hour
And the headlights from the cabs suit as substitutes for meteor showers
As i lay my head down in your lap
I hope to God that you'll never go back
I love to look in your eyes
Its deep space and virgin sky

Tell me ghost stories over sushi
Empty wine bottles reflect your beuty
I swear its like watching your favorite movie for the first time
I hope im in yours because you are in mine
I love to look in your eyes
its deep space and virgin sky

All these dark dark dreams of mine
Melt like icecicles off the crooked nose of time
Holding your hand i sublime
Just vapor in your room above your candle light
And if i don't make love to you tonight
You can rest assured that i will in my dreams
I love to look into your eyes
Its deep space and virgin skies


"Ever Since Forever After" (2006) just released and slated for national radio promotion from Nov-Jan

"she's not coming tonight" debut CD released 2002
Available at many retail outlets and on the web at and in digital download at apple itunes and 19 other digital distribution companies.
"evening mourning" lance whalen/andrew english- split 7" 45 RPM single

Set List

30-70 minutes of original matierial.