Lance Whalen
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Lance Whalen

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Band Americana Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"What they are saying about lance whalen."

"poppy seeds of future success.." -louisville music news

" Have you ever wondered what it would be like if tom waits and toby kieth had a lovechild?" - SPUN records Nashville TN

"This guy is an amazing singer/songwriter. When you listen to this track you can't help but think of people like Tom Waits, Nick Cave, and Leonard Cohen. Soulful deep crooning at its best! "
- MP3

"His voice is warming, and his guitar is soothing, but being from Nashville he puts in a southern sound " - Big Smile Magazine

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"Ever Since Forever After" (2006) just released and slated for national radio promotion from Nov-Jan

"she's not coming tonight" debut CD released 2002
Available at many retail outlets and on the web at and in digital download at apple itunes and 19 other digital distribution companies.
"evening mourning" lance whalen/andrew english- split 7" 45 RPM single


Feeling a bit camera shy


Lance Whalen doesn’t immediately command the room. He could, certainly, with his tall, dark good looks and distinctive sideburns, but that’s not really his style. He’s essentially a strategist. He’d rather sneak up on the room from behind, suss it out, get a bead on the psychological landscape, and stake out the strongholds and the weak spots. Then he can conquer with a wink instead of a yell. Not unlike a good general, only with a better sense of humor.

Like any good strategist, Lance Whalen plays it fairly close to the vest. He doesn’t give up any more than he has to. He can be outgoing and effervescent (the acting background comes in handy here), or he can be secretive and moody. Sometimes he can be all of those things at the same time. You can probe him a little, and he’ll be polite about it, but you’re more apt to find what you’re looking for in the songs. That’s why he writes them.

Lance readily admits a fascination with what he calls the “off-kilter villain,” the kind of guy Christopher Walken would play. Musical heroes include Tom Waits and Nick Cave, and Albert Camus is a favorite author. Sure, he’s got some melancholy in him. Life happens, even when you’re young. But he’s got plenty of optimism, too – opportunity awaits around every corner. Life, love, and loss are all a part of the picture, but that doesn’t mean the brush strokes can’t rock!

A technician/instructor for the National Guitar Workshop, his past musical incarnations include a stint with post-punk rockers The Reluctant, Big Hang (better known as the all-Elvis impersonator band), and more recently, Starboxer. A recent transplant to Nashville, Lance is a frequent performer at various clubs and cafes around town, and continues to perform regularly in his college town of Lexington, Kentucky.

Lance Whalen’s debut album is She’s Not Coming Tonight. A limited edition 7” vinyl split with Andrew English is also available.
For more information, visit Lance on the web at