Orlando, Florida, USA
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OMG! This is a unique CD! There is a natural blend of urban, neo soul, jazz and hip hop infused into 1 project. It has been described as rare and startling. Take a listen to all the melodies, instruments and anointing that float through the speakers. Who says Gospel music sounds the same?


Landa is a rare musical artist. She is very passionate about every word she sings, understanding that it’s not just a song it’s ministry. She doesn’t sing to have a catchy hook that rhymes but she is fully aware of the affect a song can have on society.

Her story is similar to many Christian artists. She began singing Gospel Music then secular music but it was blocked by God. No matter who said yes God said NO! This was very challenging because the music for her R&B album was phenomenal and she would’ve been a major success, but a private mess.

While in the studio in Atlanta she would attempt to drown out the voice of God by getting high, being in a loud place and shacking with her producer, now husband Jjuan. In that dark place she nearly lost her life. Fortunately, she found The Light and walked away from secular music and moved back to Florida to focus on her calling. Now pregnant with 2 children she was homeless sleeping in a daycare.

This is where she gained her powerful anointing and this is the passion and drive you hear in her music. Listen to her powerful voice and it’s obvious this is a seasoned artist and a seasoned woman of God. You’ve found a unique artist who understands the streets as well as the bible; this creates a unique sound that penetrates the masses.

Her sophomore cd “My Blessings” has the potential to go places that she may not be able to reach as a pastor. It’s the perfect cd to give to an unsaved loved one who doesn’t like Gospel Music. Her music is perfectly balanced; it’s something for the husband, the kids, that nephew with the headphones on and something for the choir.

In today’s realm of digital media you have access to unlimited choices in music so we thank you for listening . If you ever need a song that will pick you up or push you into your destiny here is the cd for you… We are truly humbled to present Landa to you…”My Blessings”.


New Release: My Blessings

Singles: Shout, Change, The Son, My King
My Blessings, (remix)

"Shout" now playing on radio

2004 Release: My Soul
Available on itunes, amazon and cdbaby

Singles: Still Not Saved, Who You Think I Am, Holy Arms

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