Landaya Ensemble

Landaya Ensemble


Traditional instruments like African flute, djembe and dunun drums, kamalen'goni, and more combine in these skillfully crafted renditions of traditional Mandinka rhythms and songs from West Africa. A percussive, melodic, and upbeat journey into African music.


Landaya is a talented and dedicated group of New Hampshire-based musicians combining their skills to present a unique selection of traditional West African rhythms and songs. Skillfully performing instruments like the djembe, sangban, dununba, and kenkeni drums, as well as the tambin (an African flute, also known as the Fula flute), kamalen'goni (10-string African harp), the krin (log drum), and more, Landaya weaves together an evening of music that audience members talk about long after the show.

For over 10 years, the members of Landaya have honed their skills as part of the Black Bear Moon Rhythm Ensemble bringing their uplifting performances to audiences throughout the northeastern US. The group has earned numerous accolades, including NH Magazine's "Best of New Hampshire" award. Now, as the next evolution of the Rhythm Ensemble project, Landaya strives to take the music and live show to the next level, with inspired arrangements, a captivating live performance experience, and a continued commitment to the roots of the music.

Members of Landaya have studied traditional Mandinka music extensively. Yearly sojourns to West Africa by founding member Dave Kobrenski have connected the group to the music and teaching of master musicians from Guinea, West Africa. Studying traditional music and culture directly with respected teachers like Famoudou Konate, Mamady Keita, Sayon Camara, Nansady Keita, and many others have afforded the members of Landaya a view into an ancient and important cultural tradition; with the knowledge of the music and culture that has been passed to them, the group acts as a sort of cultural ambassador, simultaneously working to preserve the music as well as actively promoting an understanding of the culture and people from which it comes.

About our name:

Landaya (pronounced lahn-die-ah) is a Malinke word that means 'confidence', a name which reminds us that we must each follow our own paths and dreams, confidently.


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Set List

Set is comprised of original arrangements of traditional music from West Africa, played on the djembe, dununba, sangban, kenkeni, and krin drums, african flute, and balafon. Can provide one or two sets, usually 1 to 1.5 hours each set.