Land Über

Land Über

 Radebeul, Saxony, DEU

Music for your soul!
Spherical Jazz-pop!
E-Cello & Saxophone - instrumental


Blankets of sound over flowering grassland, vastness stirred by the
winds: minimalistically floating, romantic, instrumental: OVER LAND
(LAND ÜBER) the sky has no equal - - OVER LAND is the sound of two
instruments finding their common horizon exactly where their parallel
paths cross: the electronic cello and the saxophone, likewise played
with electronic effects. They tune in to the rhythm of a late summer's
day over heathland: minimalistically instrumental, romantic - - OVER
LAND two musicians meet on an unexpectedly tender spot – Benni Gerlach
(Letzte Instanz and other bands) and Karl Helbig (Röschbandz and
others). Even the titles of the tracks join to make up a poem: Yes. Yes,
I will come home some day, leave the door open, I will bring vastness
with me, vastness of a distant time over waving flowering heath - -
OVERLAND this CD is a must wherever people listen to music with their souls.


01.01.2007 - CD 'Land Über'
23.09.2011 - CD 'Weitblick'