L&B Positive Rappers

L&B Positive Rappers

BandHip Hop

L&B is one of Central Ohio's hottest young Rap groups. Ages 12, 14 and 17, and dubbed the "Jr. Hip-Hop Kings," they are the undisputed Jackson's of Hip-Hop. L&B's show is HOT AND NON-STOP, complete with energetic precision hip-hop dancing, and featuring "DJ n Motion"


The L&B rappers have amazing appeal to
"tweens" (9 -12), This group makes up the fan base for the L&B Rappers. Those who know the L&B Rappers, love the L&B Rappers. What sets L&B apart from other bands is their extraordinary ability to relate to youngsters, and the incredible energy and liveness they bring to the stage. Adults love the young rappers for their clean-cut image and clean lyrics, and youngster love them because of their hip-hop style and red-hot performances. This teen act is SIZZLING HOT and definitely kid-friendly.


Their current CD includes, "Shut-em Down,"
"Girl Song," "My Flow/The Game," and "Smart & Sober."

Set List

Set is approximately 20 minutes--Typical set list:
Girl Song (Hip Hop Rap); Shut em down (Hip Hop Rap); My Flow/The Game (Hip Hop Rap) Smart & Sober (Hip- Hop anti-drug, non violence Rap).