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Landis Frier

Albany, Georgia, United States | SELF

Albany, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Country Singer/Songwriter


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"Landis Frier's Got the Good Times Going!"

23 year old, Landis Frier spends a lot of time at Albany's Mellow Mushroom,
Loco's over in Tifton, and Mulligan's in Valdosta, and he wants to add
Tootsies in Panama City to his list of hangouts real soon. But Frier's not
showing up just for the food and beverage, or even the good company,
although he's appreciative. No, he is embarking on a personal adventure into
music that has a lot of people taking more than a passing notice.

Frier has been on this particular traveling circuit through Southwest
Georgia for about a year and a half. He quickly went public with his one man
acoustic offering, having only taken up the guitar a little over two years
ago. You wouldn't know it to hear Frier take on some of the classic southern
rock songs we've all grown up with. He plays with his own natural and casual
style, but it's clear that he's focused on getting the best out of himself
If you know his musical history, it's not surprising. Frier has been playing
and singing since he was eight years old. His first instrument was drums,
playing all through school. He comes from a musical family which certainly
gives him a base of support and confidence that he's heading in the right
direction. "Both my grandfathers played the guitar", said Frier, "my dad
played bass, my uncle played bass as well, and my mom plays piano." Said Frier,

"I just happened to inherit it from both sides."

Early on he tried playing in a band a couple times, but found that it was difficult to keep the groups together enough to really get something going, saying, "If they want to do it, they are going to do it, and if they don't, they won't." Frier decided the best way to really get something going was to go solo, and not look back. "I just love it. This is what I want to do."

Leslie Hanks, Internet Marketing Manager for WFXL and Landis' mom, says she
could tell at an early age, that music was going to play an important role
in his life. "I'm so proud when I hear him play, when I hear what others say
as he's playing." said Hanks. "When I see the look on his face as he plays
and sings, I know that he has found where he is supposed to be in this

There's a practical side to Frier as well. He still does some landscaping
from time to time. But says, "It would be great, if this turned into my business."

If he does convert his passion into his career, it will no doubt be attributable to his unique vocal style and laid back approach to performing, but Frier is already working on the next phase; recording his own songs.

With many songs written, and more in development, Frier is working hard to
have his first CD ready by the spring. Calling it, "a different type of
country music", Frier pulls from his own life, "I just observe and then
whatever I take in I write it in a song." Don't expect a lot of blues and
sad lyrics. "Most of the personal events are always good times." said Frier
with a little laugh. And why not? He's young and on a path of his own
choosing. Life is certainly going good for him, and that's something worth
singing about to be sure.

Lon McNeil
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"What passion looks like"

February 5, 2010
landis frier: what passion looks like

It's Friday, and typically I would be on Twitter ( ) "tweeting" away, finding new people to follow, and learning all I can from the "public voice". Today is different.

From time to time you have the opportunity to meet those people who are so creative, and so talented that when they are in your space, they consume you. From time to time you meet those people who God Himself, has looked down on, and blessed them with something so powerful, and so blessed, that the only thing you can call it is "Soulful Excellence".

Introducing: Landis Frier

This post is special for me, because I can remember just 3 years ago, bumping into this guy when out on the town, or just passing by in the local mall. And vividly I can remember saying to myself... "There is something very special, very unique about this guy." The son of a good friend of mine, Leslie Hanks, Landis Frier has always been up to some level of mischief, and discord. However; behind all of the symptoms of "growing up", I could sense something so big and so amazing, that at times I would be overwhelmed in his midst. I never knew what this "thing" was, until now...

Landis decided just two short years ago to pursue his passion. I am not 100% sure of what made Landis do it, BUT he DID. Landis picked up a guitar, released what God put in him, and the result is one BAD ASS Country Singer.

NOW, do not be fooled... Landis is 23 years old, so what he brings to the table is a heightened "sense of things". From time to time I hear "Us" (adults) saying.... "This generation is over exposed..." I can agree to some extent, BUT when you hear Landis sing, something soulful happens. He has somehow found a way to take his experiences in life at a young 23, and turn them into "soul ointment". His sound is rich, his gift is amazing and he is definitely one you want to keep your eye on ...
- Posturous Blog - Vincent Hunt

"This Frier's Cookin'"

One rule of thumb with any successful project is commitment and determination. If you are embarking on a career as a musician/songwriter, you had also better develop along the way, a thick skin and lose any aversion to hard work you may have. Being a performer may look like nothing but a good time, but ask Landis Frier and he will tell you that it requires all of the above, and keeps asking for more, if you want more. He does.

More than one year ago, yours truly interviewed Frier as he was just starting out. His gigs were small, in venues like Mellow Mushroom, playing while folks ate, drank, and socialized. Landis has gone from as simple a beginning as you can have, to becoming one of the area's busiest performers. It's been a non-stop train of sweat and creativity that has pulled him along, and he has no plans to disembark anytime soon. He has played at a number of locations here routinely, including One Trick Pony, and Bayou's. He has opened for acts like, The Swinging Medallions, The Lovin' Spoonful, and The Tams, at the Sasser Flea Market, which has become renowned in the area for bringing some well-known, nostalgic acts to their outdoor venue. Each time Frier opened the night in Sasser, as soon as he came off stage he loaded up and headed back to Albany to play another gig that same night. He may very well be a wordsmith when penning his music, but ask him what it's like to be dashing all over Southwest Georgia to get in front of as many folks as possible in a single evening, and he just sums it up with; "Crazy", but he's smiling as he says it.

Frier is not content to only be a very busy local act. He has put his soulful country sound on the road and it has taken him to among other places, Statesboro, Valdosta, Brunswick, Tallahassee, Atlanta, even Nashville; (Tennessee, not Georgia), and as far west as Colorado. I asked the 24 year old, what took him to Nashville, thinking it was a particular event or booking, but again, his one word answer revealed exactly where his head is at theses days; "Ambition."

His casual, easy-going demeanor and laid back style will fool you. It's only been a couple of years since Frier made the exciting but risky decision to set aside anything resembling a normal life, and put his efforts into the music. His first CD, a collection of original material simply titled 'Landis Frier', is rich in musical talent and passion. Songs like 'Tennessee Woman' and 'Dirt Roads', offer up a sound that is both comfortable and unique. From the beginning, those locals that have known Landis for years, have been surprised by the gritty, older feel of his singing style. It's clear that he not only puts his all into songwriting, but his performance as well.

Just when you would think that he had hit a hard-earned stride as a solo act, Frier is just days away from playing live with a full band. "It's going good.", Frier said. " I've got a good four piece band put together. I love playing acoustic, but I'm ready for that full band show." Soon joining Landis on stage will be Jack Martin on lead guitar, Tom Holloway on bass, and Michael Ladson on drums. Yet, even as this new group gets things put together and fine tuned, Frier is already thinking about making it six, with the addition of keyboard and steel guitar.

Landis has made full use of social networking to get the word out. "I get anywhere from 25% to 40% of my bookings off the internet", he said. You can keep up with him on Facebook, and catch a few songs and videos at his own site, He stressed though, that it's still a matter working the phone and hitting the road to get in front of club and venue managers. "It's a lot of running, a lot of gas money, a lot of holes in my socks because I've walked in these boots too far...", said Frier, "'s a lot of beating down doors."

Keep an ear out for this young man, but you won't have to strain yourself because his sound is getting louder by the minute. The band is the next thing on the menu, and he is already four or five songs into his next CD. You can always count on Landis Frier to having something good cooking.

Lon McNeil

(photo caption; Landis Frier with a calm moment at Bayou's.) - The Albany Journal


Self Titled CD - "Landis Frier"
Released September 2010

Tennessee Woman Blues
Hold Dear
Look at me
Lonely Street
Dirt Roads
Georgia Night



Genre: Country / Southern Rock
Origin: South Georgia - Sylvester / Albany

I was born in Albany Georgia, but spent most of my earlier years in Sylvester Georgia. I've always had a love for music and started exploring those roots at the ripe ole'age of 9 years old! I started out on the drums in church and singing gospel music.

In 2007 I took up another instrument, and that's where this story gets good! I taught myself to play in a few shorts months and began playing music in public just 7 months after my first chord! As crazy as that's the truth!

After playing acoustic for a few years I started forming the band that I'm currently playing with and expanding our sights and goals to the bigger venues. I've got a hardworking and talented group of musicians that I'm honored to play and perform with! Each one has their own story to tell and when you see them perform you will hear it!

Without question, our goal when we perform is to excite the crowd, play the songs they love and introduce them to originals too!!!