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The best kept secret in music


"Skratch Magazine"

This New York City trio has come up with a novel idea for its debut album: good songwriting, excellent production, and a heartfelt political message. Very few—if any—self-released CDs reach the quality exhibited on the 12 tracks from this release. With a sound that radiates between U2 and Midnight Oil, the band has found a late-'80s groove that suits its material perfectly. Tunes like "War Child", "Revolution", and "Politics" pull no punches in the political arena and are some of the band's most passionate tunes. It's high time for this band to step up to an industry showcase gig and get signed. - Landlord - Self-titled

"Crashin' in"

When I first heard these songs I instantly thought of The Chameleons and The Cure. Its new wave flavor is thrown all over every song. The songs are dark, yet alluring. They even conjure up topics that bring comparisons to what past greats always talked about. (“Manmade Machine” and “War Child”). Looking forward to seeing more from this three-piece." - Landlord - Self-titled

"Impact Press"

This is not at all what I was expecting. Based on the cover, I expected ferocious hardcore. What I got instead was a strange and powerful blend of rock and epic sounding anthems. Songs with a meaning, some thought behind them, which is evident in the lyrics as well as the style of music which is well tailoered to the message. - Landlord - Self-titled

"Punk Planet"

Landlord record was picked as one of the "highlighted" reviews in the Jan/Feb 2005 of Punk Planet.

There need to be rules for band bios that would disallow them from stating the obvious to thus make critics not feel like jackoffs for thinking the same thing. In this case, Landlord is said to have a thing for The Cure. Well, no shit. While they could never inflict a direct hit to sink Robert Smith's battleship, this New York band boasts a rough similarity. No help needed to figure that one out. - Landlord - Self-titled


The Manmade Machine EP by Landlord, has an urban sound accompanied by words that reflect the struggles of coping with modern day life in a big city like New York. Their front man, Esfand on vocals and guitars, delivers his vocals in a weeping tone that further emphasizes his outrage at witnessing the injustices of the world that he lives in. This is quite apparent on the title track, where he blames the Manmade Machine for the "reasons why we lose faith within". On another track called "Revolution", he accuses the "World Leaders" of being "Greed Seekers", which may not exactly serve as a revelation to anyone, but it certainly helps to be reminded of that message every once in a while. These guys are borderline angry young men with high hopes for a better world and a simpler time. But their anger is not as visible in the music, as their sound actually has a melodic vibe to it, one that you can easily hum along with. And much of this sound is driven by the consistent rhythm section of Andres on bass, and Justin on drums, who along with Esfand, make up the band known as Landlord. - Landlord - Manmade Machine EP


LP - Landlord - Glitterati (2005)
LP - Landlord - Self-titled (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Passionate. Reverent. Organic. Schizophrenic. Irreverent. Unconscious. Energy. Landlord is a shared experience of translating emotion into action. The band is comprised of Esfand (guitar, vox): the passionate idealist, Andres (bass,vox): the centered perfectionist, Title (drums): the calculating pragmatist. All of which translate in their music and in their live set which has been described as The Police meets U2. Since 2003, Landlord has successfully operated on a fundamental premise : to cut their teeth in order to share a level of honesty, inspiration, and integrity to rock music and to a generation of young people who haven’t had many bands to grow with, much like the bands that inspire Landlord. Their electric live sets have become a fixture in popular NYC clubs such as Mercury Lounge, The Delancy, Knitting Factory, and Sin-e.

Early 2004, found Landlord taking their sound and energy in the studio to create their self-titled debut album. They released the album out of their own pockets. Critics and fans alike were equally taken aback by Landlord’s unique sound describing it as inner struggle meets social equality, as search for the truth meets the paranoia of a corporate world.

The massive “buzz” of their debut album lead to a tidal wave of inspiration. Inspired by all of the moving pieces of popular culture and listening to swaths of Depeche Mode and INXS, the band entered Skyline Studios in June 2005 to record their much anticipated sophomore effort. The resulting work, “Glitterati”, is slated to be released in Fall 2005 to an ever growing number of passionate and energetic fans.

"...With a sound that radiates between U2 and Midnight Oil..." - Skratch Magazine

"When I first heard these songs I instantly thought of The Chameleons and The Cure..." - Crashin' in

"...strange and powerful blend of rock and epic sounding anthems..." - Impact Press