landlord's daughter

landlord's daughter


We're a folk rock amalgam stuffed with genres, harmonies, arrangements, plots, instruments, and charisma.


Landlord's Daughter was conceived on a summer night in Florida in 2000 under Spanish moss and streetlights, when Shanna Clinton (Fidelis; the brokenhearts) and Sean Robinson (Soldiers of Christ, the Horror; Fidelis; Mercy Brown; Ghost Aquarium) met. They began to swap songs and collaborate, playing music together in Fidelis, which moved with them to Portland in 2001. Sean returned to Florida and encountered drummer, Patrick Logue in a sound engineering program. They worked together for three years in Mercy Brown, a band exploding with garage-surf rock energy and storytelling, screaming, theatrical vocals, packing an array of venues in Orlando. Moving to Seattle in 2005, Sean and Patrick reconnected with Shanna and picked up Chad Lindhorst on bass, then stole Alma Garcia De Lilla on violin from an opening act.

Co-fronted by the lesbian/sailor love child of Nico and Paul Simon, and a 6'4" painter who hero-worships Frank Black and Neil Young, Landlord's Daughter appropriates a vast range of styles from folk to 60s pop to country ballads to hard-hitting rock. Intense 5 part harmonies, an ever-rotating instrumentation (incorporating accordion, mandolin, flute, violin, cello and harmonica with traditional tools of rock n' roll), and lyrics that sway between insightful, delicate self-disclosure and creative character yarns distinguish this group as a refreshing amalgam of traditions and personalities. With an aspiring first full-length album on the way, Landlord's Daughter is busy establishing an empire in Seattle venues.


Merry-Go-Round 4 songs EP
Our first full length album, House of Peculiarities will be released in April 2007

Set List

Our set list is typically 15-18 songs lasting around an hour. Current originals include:
Lothar, Eater of Flesh
Flowers for Margaret
David Lynch's Mortality
Slow Dusty Road
Queen of the Damned
The Heisman
Two-Steppin' Tex
Let Me Down
Bayley Road
Lovers in the Lowercase
Put Up with Correction
Jesus Christ, Hiroshima, and Me
The Winds
The Story of Edward Moore
Chicago Dawn
and we occasionally incorporate a cover in the set list, especially George Michael's Father Figure and Simon and Garfunkel's Richard Cory