Landlord's Daughter

Landlord's Daughter


Landlord's Daughter combine the fierceness and elegance of the Pixies and the Zombies with the folk rock stylistic collisions of Camper Van Beethoven and lyrical themes of decay and longing of being. Fun and painful and surrounded by the popular.


From the four corners of the United States, Landlord's Daughter has converged upon Seattle to provide a unique blend of rock styles and playful harmonies to the local music scene. All of them recent strangers to the Pacific Northwest, Sean Robinson , Kris Hambrick, Alma Garcia DeLilla, Chad Lindhorst and Connor Apperson came together through good fortune and have found in each other a willingness to experiment and to bring such disparate influences as Love, Camper Van Beethoven and Neil Young together in one original package.

All five members of Landlord’s Daughter were band or orchestra geeks. Four contribute vocals and lyrics, three play keyboards, two switch off on glockenspiel, and one plays violin. All five are rock-and-roll animals. They are:

Sean Robinson (vocals, guitar, keyboards, flute). At one time, the only non-enrolled, non-Jewish art model in the Brandeis University choir. Lived with girls across the country before returning to Orlando, Fla., where he called Kris and said, “Let’s be in a band,” leading to the formation of the now-defunct Mercy Brown.

Kris Hambrick (keyboards, vocals). Said “yes” and left behind New England for the land of waste and sun-soaked sorrow. After they moved to Seattle in 2005, her interest in cult film was instrumental in the christening of Landlord’s Daughter in its first incarnation, inspired by 1973’s The Wicker Man. Her interest in being other people has led her to writing and acting.

Chad Lindhorst (bass, vocals). Jumped on board when he heard Landlord’s Daughter needed a bassist. Beside a hatred of tomatoes, Chad has brought the band technical savvy and an ear for perfection—especially in his role as the band’s sound engineer.

Alma García De Lilla (violin, keyboards, vocals). Formerly of Chiefly, which once opened for Landlord’s Daughter and prompted Sean to correctly predict, “I am going to take her away from them.” She’s a published author who has won recognition for her short fiction. Currently, she’s got both a novel and a baby on her hands.

Conor Apperson (drums, percussion). The newest member of Landlord’s Daughter, he’s played in jazz bands, done covers and wedding gigs, and briefly played in a truly terrible cover band. He majored in music and gives private lessons in piano and drums when not busy with his experimental acoustic side-project, Guardian Ear.


Becca the Terror

Written By: Sean Robinson

Becca pretty Becca, you always were a terror
in that ratty blue bandana and tattered hippie dress
you dyed your lovely hair black and it stained your pink-trimmed pillows
with a little taste lemon, you know I can’t forget

those quiet Sundays with you, a picnic in the park,
and in the grass I’d lie beside you
a perfect moment shared beneath the shade

Becca do you remember how we terrorized the preacher
with our questions bout the ark and how the animals were stored?
We went and took a walk until we ran into your father
who made us dig a ditch but wouldn’t tell us what it was for

Why could I never see you when I was with my club kid friends?
Though you were ‘fraid of go-go boots,
I should have known that sun dress was the best

Married in the Spring

Written By: Sean Robinson and Alma Garcia De Lilla

you segregate me well
I’m tired of talking by myself until you come
party tricks and solemn vows
the denim skirt rides higher as the night goes on

and I don’t remember breathing till the seconds passed to minutes
and the blood ran down my vestal gown
can you forget for just one moment that the evening now is passing
I transform into the bright white swan

you educate me well
we talk of breathing and of ceremony passed on down
water pails and broken crowns
the satin pools like spilled milk as the next girl falls

and I don’t remember breathing till the man asked for an answer
I just smiled and looked down at the ground
and lying there alone amidst the trash of celebration
saw my future in a plastic flower

why can’t we just get married in the spring?

Sword Above

Written By: Shanna Clinton and Sean Robinson

I feel myself floating up over my body
as words and emotions abandon me
with the mind of a snake and a heart beating backwards
I cast out the good, all the bad I’ll keep

One step- resent separation
two steps- the assembler’s task
three steps- divine indignation
his guardians will never let you pass

pretend that we’re fighting
this time it’s for keeps
pretend that we’re sisters
you’re all that I need
the pit below, the sword above

on my back defending my belly
on my lips is the name I would serve
as your hips move in serpentine motion
I drift away into the promised land

pretend that I love you
do you that that he’ll see?
I’m done with the dove thing
It’s nothing to me
the pit below, the sword above

look up at the stars that are spinning above us
the Hunter, the Wheel and the Scorpion
the eyes of the people who swore that they loved us
too bright to forget, but too far to burn

What Have I Forgotten Now?

Written By: Sean Robinson

What have I forgotten now? I don’t remember when
I used to walk beside you stead of laying on the couch and watching
Sunday roll by waiting for the week to come announce that it is
breaking and I shake to think of taking anymore

What have I forgotten now? I ask myself again
and stare up at the clock that’s making clean and always purposeful
rotations round the neatly printed numbers black and white against the
bile of the paint that was applied against the wall

what have I forgotten now?

As I’ve started getting old I’ve noticed some things left behind
a note I would’ve picked out in the past is pushed away for the little
details made so present by the Sunshine State of Mind that kept me
reeling in the light as if I’d bottled my disease

Don’t turn away, I’ve lost but I can’t stand to see it through
You’ve always been the picture leaned up in the bathroom stall and then
forgotten, left to cloud with every stranger’s look of heated desperation,
look of humane concentration, tell me what
what have I forgotten now?

St. Louis at 20,000 ft.

Written By: Sean Robinson

saw some shoes on a line
thought that they could’ve been mine
how many pairs have I worn down and left?
Green and brown eyes staring through mine
as she casually asks for the time
brown straps they lead to the white of her neck

and she’s the queen of regret now that we’ve never met
she spent summer days all alone
in a Florida bar, in a clean rental car,
by a two-tone, two-ring hotel phone
once again

is it hard when you’re close and yet far away?
Each freckle hurts me in a different way
so swollen the lips of each cellophane kiss
once parted, we boarded the plane
would you still think about me if I had told you my name?
Would we have laughed when we ran out of things to say?

and she’s the queen of regret now that we’ve never met
she spent summer days all alone
in a Florida bar, in a cheap rental car,
by a two-tone, two-ring hotel phone
once again, once again...

who will protect you?
St. Louis at 20,000 feet
don’t dare to move, don’t dare to breathe
the sun it burns, the wheels they rise
I count from ten, you sympathize

Roses and Bruises

Written By: Sean Robinson, Chad Lindhorst, Alma Garcia De Lilla, Kris Hambrick

roses and bruises, red purple and blue
delivered by hands that were promised to you
she calls it a gift though it’s what she deserves
some kisses falter, some kisses they burn

mind the stains, take your coat from the floor
shutter the windows, say you don’t live here no more

she was a dreamer, a weaver of lies
for that she was broken and then crucified
and down came the pigeons to pluck out her eyes
under the brilliant vermillion skies

lift up your hair
toss your coat to the floor
this time it’s electric
it’s not how it happened before

the Kid's Gotta Learn

Written By: Sean Robinson, Alma Garcia De Lilla, Kris Hambrick

come to meet your daddy
the faded print, the box beneath the bed
inside the things you’ve lost and never wanted
don’t you see? your hands, they’re just like mine

I know this, I will

she knows the ghost of all that came before you
the shadowed shape of all you’ll ever be
touch her face, she’ll turn away, she’s sighing
but I hold you, I hold, I hold you down…

the kid’s gotta learn about losing
he crawls into the bed when they’re away


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