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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Tonight In Music: What What Now, BODYBOX, The Landlord’s Daughter"

Are you getting tired of just hearing the same ole’ thing when you go out to shows? If you need a breath of fresh air to go with your springtime sunshine, you should definitely be familiar with The Landlords Daughter. Their sound is hard to pin down. If there were such a thing, you could call it epic-folk. With keys, violin, and flute to accompany the standard instruments in their fold, they have the range and ability to create music that is truly interesting and compelling. The Landlords Daughter have that special ability to take simple songs, and turn them into complex experiences that the listener can make their own. There wasn’t any video of this band available either, but if you take the extra time to click over to their myspace you will not regret it. The track “sword Above” comes highly recommended. - Seattle Show Gal

" Featured artist September 13, 2008"

Featured Artist - Seattle Landlords Daughter
In his own words:

Sean from landlords daughterFrom the four corners of the United States, Landlord's Daughter has
converged upon Seattle to provide a unique blend of rock styles and
playful harmonies to the local music scene. All of them recent
strangers to the Pacific Northwest, Sean Robinson (songwriting,
vocals, guitar, piano and accordion), Kris Hambrick (piano, organ and
vocals), Alma Garcia DeLilla (violin, piano and vocals), Chad
Lindhorst (bass and vocals) and Connor Apperson (drums) came together
through good fortune and have found in each other a willingness to
experiment and to bring such disparate influences as Love, Camper Van
Beethoven and Neil Young together in one original package.

With diverse instrumentation and four part vocals,Landlord's Daughter
wears both rock and folk influences on its sleeve. Sets range from
distorted rock to piano ballads to harmonious violin/guitar duets. The
blend of male and female vocals speaks to Sean and Kris' years of
experience singing together in former Orlando band Mercy Brown, and
Chad and Alma (late of Chiefly) have added their voices to the mix as
well. Recently, Landlord's Daughter has weathered a change of front
person, as former singer/songwriter Shanna Clinton departed these
shores for a PhD degree at University of Hawaii, making room for Kris
to come back on board after a hiatus and encouraging the band to chart
its own new course.

The members of the band have extracurricular hobbies ranging from art
to writing to graphic novels to photography and digital art to sound
engineering, allowing them to exercise more than their musical
abilities within the band. Subjects range from the ambivalence of
modern marriage to summer nostalgia to the plight of Joseph Merrick,
the Elephant Man. All delivered with an eclectic, skillfully layered

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Recommended things to do:
Café Racer-
I can be a neurotic guy when it comes to relaxing in public. Not a
great trait for a musician, I know, but it's true. I'm not sure what
exactly it is about Café Racer that defies this, but it's there-
finally, a place I can grab a ginger ale and a sandwich and put my
feet up and relax in public. Café Racer is the preferred hangout for
a bevy of Seattle musicians and cartoonists, centering around their
regular art shows, weekend music and open mic nights, and their
gracious hosting of Seattle's Wednesday evening cartoonist's salon,
Friends of the Nib. Come on out and grab a drink, maybe a guitar, and
if you're the type of person who can strike up conversations with
complete strangers, there'll surely be someone willing to oblige you.
Otherwise you can be like me and sit in the corner drawing, or play a
game of Miss Pacman.

Inga Ingenue at the Pink Door-
I don't pretend to be an expert on Seattle's burgeoning burlesque
scene, but I can tell you that when our keyboard player Kris
celebrated a birthday in May, we knew exactly where to go for a great
time. Miss Inga Ingenue is a local burlesque artist and choreographer
who was with Sinner Saint Burlesque at the Noc Noc until very
recently- she occasionally is a performer at the Pink Door on Saturday
nights. Inga is everything a burlesque performer should be- funny,
sexy, athletic, an amazing dancer whose routines pay tribute to the
wit and naughtiness of classic burlesque.

Recommended places to eat:
Queen Anne is home to a delicious and cozy Thai restaurant Phuket.
I'm a little biased- it's one of the first places I ate in Seattle and
I am imprinted like a baby duckling- but it's a really special place-
great food for a wide variety of palates, comfortable pillow and
straw-mat booths, and located in a great part of town. It's the
band's preferred recording session lunch break. If you have time
afterwards take a walk down Mercer and check out the music and book
stores, or take a spin by the Pacific Science Center or the Seattle International Film Festival, all within walking distance.

Recommended places to stay:
Our bass player Chad recently took a weekend at the beautiful Sunrise Cottage on Vashon Island, just across the Puget Sound, with easy ferry access to downtown Seattle. The view is gorgeous, and there's plenty of rural sights to see on Vashon. If you're planning on staying for more than a few days and want a nice alternative to urban hotel hotels, Vashon is the place to stay.

On the other side of the price scale is the Green Tortoise Hostel, located in Pike Place Market in the middle of the waterfront. The hostel is friendly, clean and affordable, and offers camaraderie and company to those that want it in their travels.
- the Gay Places

"Capsule album review- Carl Nelson"

Landlord’s Daughter has been carefully preparing this little sonic gem (you can hear four of the tracks online here) for about a year now, and it’s a nuanced listening pleasure. The album barrels out of the gates with the frantically manic “Srebrenitza of the Wolves”, but it’s not long before the flirtatious exuberance has slipped off, and the soundscapes of the later songs become much darker. There are moments of tenderness, humor, and joy throughout No One’s Looking, but nothing is as it seems and none of the thirteen tracks are far removed from a dreamlike sense of uncertainty. Landlord’s Daughter has some serious musical chops, (The better to eat you with, my dear!) and it’s alarming when you realize just how easily they’ve used these skills to charm you into the album’s more threatening material. It’s your childhood friend again with his dangerous schemes and ideas which somehow all became yours when it turned out that someone was watching – perhaps the album’s title is alluding to his dubious promise? And perhaps I’m making No One’s Looking sound overly devious, (make no mistake, it’s full of deception, threats, and sadistic twists) but like that childhood friend, it’s also fully capable of remorse, intimate confidence, and moments of unprompted compassion. Sometimes funny, sometimes wistful, on occasion cruel, No One’s Looking never forgets to include you in its schemes, and you’ll find yourself missing your accomplice when it’s all over.

Anyway, you should take a listen, attend the concert opening if you can, or maybe even buy the album when it becomes available (I’ll post). It’s terrific stuff. - Paper Planes-


Landlord's Daughter- No One's Looking (2010)
Landlord's Daughter- House of Peculiarities (2007)
Mercy Brown- Fifteen Songs from Missing Children (2006)



From the four corners of the United States, Landlord's Daughter has converged upon Seattle to provide a unique blend of rock styles and playful harmonies to the local music scene. All of them recent strangers to the Pacific Northwest, Sean Robinson , Kris Hambrick, Alma Garcia DeLilla, Chad Lindhorst and Connor Apperson came together through good fortune and have found in each other a willingness to experiment and to bring such disparate influences as Love, Camper Van Beethoven and Neil Young together in one original package.

All five members of Landlord’s Daughter were band or orchestra geeks. Four contribute vocals and lyrics, three play keyboards, two switch off on glockenspiel, and one plays violin. All five are rock-and-roll animals. They are:

Sean Robinson (vocals, guitar, keyboards, flute). At one time, the only non-enrolled, non-Jewish art model in the Brandeis University choir. Lived with girls across the country before returning to Orlando, Fla., where he called Kris and said, “Let’s be in a band,” leading to the formation of the now-defunct Mercy Brown.

Kris Hambrick (keyboards, vocals). Said “yes” and left behind New England for the land of waste and sun-soaked sorrow. After they moved to Seattle in 2005, her interest in cult film was instrumental in the christening of Landlord’s Daughter in its first incarnation, inspired by 1973’s The Wicker Man. Her interest in being other people has led her to writing and acting.

Chad Lindhorst (bass, vocals). Jumped on board when he heard Landlord’s Daughter needed a bassist. Beside a hatred of tomatoes, Chad has brought the band technical savvy and an ear for perfection—especially in his role as the band’s sound engineer.

Alma García De Lilla (violin, keyboards, vocals). Formerly of Chiefly, which once opened for Landlord’s Daughter and prompted Sean to correctly predict, “I am going to take her away from them.” She’s a published author who has won recognition for her short fiction. Currently, she’s got both a novel and a baby on her hands.

Conor Apperson (drums, percussion). The newest member of Landlord’s Daughter, he’s played in jazz bands, done covers and wedding gigs, and briefly played in a truly terrible cover band. He majored in music and gives private lessons in piano and drums when not busy with his experimental acoustic side-project, Guardian Ear.