Land Of Pines

Land Of Pines

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Hailing from Seattle, WA, Land of Pines is a recording project between life-long friends Evan Easthope and Kessiah Gordon. With the help of fellow musicians Kyle Holland, Spencer Miller, and Alex Miller, the duo has created a tangible tour de force ready to take on the great PNW and beyond.


Tempered with an aesthetic reminiscent of many bands to have emerged from the Pacific Northwest, Land Of Pines conveys their own stories through harmony driven indie rock songs.

They have had the pleasure of performing with: Rural Alberta Advantage, Darwin Deez, Starfucker, Anna Calvi, Free Energy, Wintersleep, Lord Huron, Colour Revolt, The Globes, The Lonely Forest, Beat Connection, Cataldo, Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band, Ramona Falls, and Kaylee Cole.

"Land of Pines plays youthful, dancey indie rock, bringing intoxicating, high-octane energy to live performances, with a quirky, unpretentious feel."-The Seattle Times

"Rilo Kiley with razorblades."-KEXP

"The band is all chugging hooks, soaringly catchy songs, a playful guy/girl vocal dynamic and it is all delivered with the earnestness only afforded to the young and talented."-Sound on the Sound

"In a live setting, Land of Pines plays with energy and confidence that belies their relative youth, leaving the critics drooling for entirely different reasons and proving that good music always beats a good story."-Seattle Weekly

"Local quintet Land of Pines is making the Evergreen State proud these days, playing a plethora of local shows and grabbing a lot of ears in the process."-Seattle Film + Music

"Lead singer Evan Easthope has a slight accent that makes you swear he’s part Scottish, although Land Of Pines hail from the Emerald City and Kessiah Gordon’s voice really grabs you by the ears and makes you take notice."-Seattle Show Gal


Land Of Pines EP [2008]
I [2010]
II [2011]

Set List

List Of Performed Songs:

Virgin Birth
Not Your Fault
What Dust We Dost On
Whole Moon
Little and Pretty
Heart Love Still
Song of Hopeless Aengus
Now I'm Lost