Land of Rejects

Land of Rejects

BandRockHip Hop

Radio friendly with a melodic hip-hop feel. Always a crowd favorite because of their energetic stage presence.


Land Of Rejects started while drummer (rob) was in college playing with good friend and guitar player (dave). We jammed for about 6 months off and on till we hooked up with the bass player (brad). It was a few more months of playing together and vocal tryouts before we found the right vox (randy). Now our band is complete and our songs are ready. Check us out @ or


Currently self recording 1st LP. We're currently looking for other studio opportunites as well.

Set List

We usually play 30 min. sets, but we can play longer if needed. We can cover but prefer to play originals.
Our set Looks like this
can't wait
land of rejects
something good
to die